SL Calendar Girls – September 2018

It’s one of the highlights of the month to go through the Calendar girls pool for this project.  It gives me the opportunity to look through photos from the most talented, amazing and creative women on the grid. I am more and more inspired every month!

Each month I choose my favourite pictures that have been added to the SL Calendar Girls Flickr group throughout the month and again, at the end of the year I will choose one image from each month to represent a ‘calendar’ of 2018 photographs. I can’t stress enough that these are my personal choices not based on photoshop skills or composition necessarily. It can be anything that makes a photo jump out of me. I am looking at over 6000 photos a month now and these are the ones that leap out at me when I go through, that make me do a double-take and stop and take in the image.

With more and more items added every month my favourites list is getting longer too! Here is my selection from the amazing pictures added throughout September 2018.

Jensen by Sandryta


Daydreaming is good for the soul by Desire Darkrose

Daydreaming is good for the Soul.

Lost by Lia Swahn


Dangerously Red by Aisle Aura

Dangerously red

No good no more by Chelsea Chaplynski

No good no more

No Trust by Cordelia McMasters

No trust

Pryce Macabre Halloween Challenge by Lori Matthews


Anabasis by Katie Lavecchia


Pryce Halloween Challenge by Stella Mahogany


Pryce Halloween Challenge by Cataleya


I know that I’m stable…. by Luna Morineaux

I know that I'm stable and able to settle down, but I keep falling

cigarettes after sex… by vally lavendar

Calendar Girls September 2018

Kono omoi ga todoku youni shinjite I’m wishing negau yo by Isabella Brune

"Neo-Japan SL Event Photo Contest 2 - Isabella Brune

Confession 213 by Harmony Havana Snow

Confession .213.  The Only Heaven I'll Be Sent To Is When I'm Alone With You...

Just Great…Taxi by misty redyard

Just Great....Taxi

The world can end but please don’t stop the music by Charlote Petrova

The world can end but please dont stop the music

pretty is an accident of nature…. by Charlie Namiboo

[pretty is an accident of nature. elegance is a self-created work of art …♪♫]

I’m a Mess by Amby

L’Oro in Tasca by AshleyAlyson Yexil

~L'Oro In Tasca~

This is where I am…. by Miss Obscura

• This is where I am and it’s a beautiful life. So don’t let it slip by •

* by i n e s


You name the dog… by Timaaj TJ

'You name the Dog... I will name the bird'

Un Nouveau Soleil by Sorcha Tyles

~Un Nouveau Soleil~

Facing the ghosts that decide…. by Lori Novo

Facing the ghosts that decide if the fire inside still burns..

* by Ni Avril


And all at once summer collapsed into fall by Pretty Rexen

And All At Once Summer Collapsed Into Fall

We’ve been poisoned by fairytales by anelu

We've Been Poisoned By Fairy Tales

Be stronger by Ada

Be Stronger...

Velvet by Jarla Capalini Sperber


Stop I’m already dead by Catherine

Stop, I'm already dead : #423

Garden Recital by EXIS

Garden recital

Needle in a haystack by Ms Christine Simunye

Needle in a Haystack

Different minds, same love by Sorcha Tyles

~Different Minds, same Love~

and every years the autumn’s fairy tale begins by Shocking Wonder

and every year the autumn's fairy tale begins

Cry me a river by Kira Balestra

Cry Me A River

Might be Vodka by Grace Sixpence

Might be Vodka!

Il mare d’inverno by Naiike Pani

Il mare d'inverno

it’s just something you feel by Morgan Monroe's just something you feel

Winds of Change by Kitty Von Cat

Look 599 - Winds of Change

Having a soft heart in a cruel world…. by candy Serrao

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness♥

Confession 211 by Harmony Havana Snow

Confession .211.  I Light The Match To Taste The Heat...

I guess we will see by Mac Littlebird

I guess we will see...

Never say goodbye… by Ange Keng

“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”  ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

The Timekeeper by Kitty Von Cat

Look 598 - The Timekeeper

Urban Girls by нiทατα sнαdy – ɑdriɑneSilvɑɑ

New Post: ∞Forever Twenty One∞ LOTD 623 Urban Girls...

New Post by Fadagitana Blindside

New Post ►637◄ VHW

To the moon & back by i n e s

*To The Moon & Back ....

Tha Kalitch – Dolce Amore

You are beautiful…. by Miss Obscura

• You are beautiful, strong and you are FREE •

When music stops by funky Neox

When music stops

As you wish by Zuzka

As you wish

Forbidden by Trisha Rose

♥ Forbidden ♥

The fairy on the swing by Corsario Lionheart

The fairy on the swing

❤ by Kimmy Littleboots


Free Spirit by Muriel Sander

Free spirit

falling leaves by Engelsstaub

falling leaves

morning light (&coffee) by Morgan Monroe

...morning light (& coffee) ♥

I want to fly with all my memories by Vega Arida

I want to fly with all my memories

I smile whenever I get a message from you by Cataleya

. m e s s a g e .

The Sorrow of Ceres by Anitya Leclerc

The Sorrow of Ceres

In a world full of tens, be an eleven by Mirabella Mollari

Tears by Elocuencia


Beneath every strong, independent woman lies a broken little girl by candy Serrao

Beneath every strong, independent woman lies a broken little girl who had to learn how to get back up and to never depend on anyone ♥

I will break your inside out by Kira Balestra

I will break your inside out

Blindfold by Lou Shadow


untitled by Lotus


Maybe I could save you from your sins by Autumn Rose

ᴹᵃʸᵇᵉ ᴵ ᶜᵒᵘˡᵈ ˢᵃᵛᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ʸᵒᵘʳ ˢⁱⁿˢ...

bubbly eyes by morag

bubbly eyes

Stronger by Just a Girl


…13 by Stella Mahogany


New Profile Pic by Kai

new profile pic

muffin disguised as cake by Wenda Avedon

muffin disguised as cake

Floating on the river of time by Lyra

Floating on the river of time

Broad Horizons by EnaRoane – Logan

Broad Horizons

untitled by Xana Newall

you’ve got to hide your love away by vally lavendar


Duchess of OuterSpace by Duchess Flux

Duchess of OuterSpace

take me to infinity by Neva

New Profile Pic by Then and Now

New Profile Pic :-)

Oh, you know, just hanging around by Love Trill

FabFree:  Oh, You Know...  Just Hanging Around

Acid Rain by Emily Lemton

Acid Rain

613 by Luxury Dolls – Mannu Buckler

♚ 613 ♚

Demon by Danna Benoir


life is made of small moments like this by Cataleya

. c o o l i n g .

Finding out more by Foxi McCalister

Finding out more....

Sometimes you cross my mind by Trisha Rose

♥ Sometimes You Cross My Mind ♥

2470 by Mandy Kharis

2470 = Blueberry - Runaway

And life is like a song by Kira Balestra

And life is like a song

Last days of summer by Ange Keng

Last days of summer...

Stand Alone by Rina Edenflower

N°1346 - Stand Alone ♪

It’s a beautiful thing by Taleah Mcmahon

It's a beautiful thing

It’s all about the dark in me by Claudia Orsini

it's all about the dark in me

naKeD by Bianca Petrov


Tentacion by Lillynot Jinx

Tentacion ♫♫

The sound of nature by UnaMayLi

*The Sound of Nature*

Normal is an illusion… by Allie

Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.

Take Me as I am by Viixiin

Take Me As I Am

I am coming for you by Zuzka

I am coming for you

untitled by Lotus


2460 by Mandy Kharis


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