SL Calendar Girls – The Final Twelve 2018

Each month I have selected my favourite photographs from the SL Calendar Girls Flickr Group. During 2018 around 67000 photos have been added to the group pool from hundreds upon hundreds of Second Life’s bloggers and photographers.  Every single photo is viewed and considered for each months selection and then posted here on the blog. Now it’s time to select one photo, from each month to represent the ‘Calendar’ for 2018.

January 2018 – Will Be by Ryo

Will be......

February 2018 – Fear of the Water by Nat G

March 2018 – Be Real by Lori Matthews


April 2018 – The Boat Trip by EXIS

The Boat Trip

May 2018 – untitled by Samanda Eddingham Jewell

June 2018 – untitled by Zanthie Hale

July 2018 – Love Doesn’t Need to Be Perfect… by Teej

[LOVE doesn't need to be perfect; just needs to be true]

August 2018 – Yellow Light – Pile Up by Kira Balestra

Yellow Light - Pile Up of Jamie Moon

September 2018 – message by Cataleya

. m e s s a g e .

October 2018 – My Eyes are blind… by Tate

My eyes are blind but I can see, the snowflakes glisten on the tree...

November 2018 – Le ciel est gris la pluie… by Isabella Brune

Le ciel est gris la pluie s'invite comme par surprise elle est chez nous et comme un rite qui nous enlise....♫

December 2018 – Lost by Kiana Jarman


One thought on “SL Calendar Girls – The Final Twelve 2018

  1. Wow I can’t believe I made it here! Every picture is gorgeous, I don’t know how you do it! Thank you so much beautiful ❤


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