The Corner

Happy Sunday! Our clocks changed last night as we said goodbye to British Summer Time and went back to good ole GMT. Now, if you happen to be dating someone in Second Life who is on the other side of the pond this is great news! Our 6 hour timezone gap is now a 5 hour gap for a whole 7 days. It may not seem like much but it really does make a huge difference. Now if SL could just behave itself and let people log in and stay online once they are here then it’s going to be an amazing Sunday to match up with my brilliant Saturday!


*DaD “Ashton Manor” v.1.0 **NEW** at Uber

*Silence. – Whittaker Dresser **NEW** at ULTRA

*Silence. – Whittaker Gold Accessories **NEW** at ULTRA

*Silence. – Whittaker Mirror **NEW** at ULTRA

*Silence. – Whittaker Rug **NEW** at ULTRA

*Silence. – Whittaker Frame **NEW** at ULTRA

*Fancy Decor: Spencer Lacquer Box **NEW** at Uber

*Fancy Decor: Spencer Console **NEW** at Uber

*Fancy Decor: Spencer Book Stack **NEW** at Uber

*Fancy Decor: Spencer Lamp **NEW** at Uber

*Fancy Decor: Spencer Painting – Pocock Landscape **NEW** at Uber

*Fancy Decor: Spencer Painting – G. Earp Pastoral Scene **NEW** at Uber

*Fancy Decor: Spencer Painting – F.G. Short Landscape **NEW** at Uber

*Fancy Decor: Spencer – Delft Plate **NEW** at Uber

*Loft & Aria – Hamil Deco Bowl

*Loft & Aria – Ashcroft Decorative Metal Horn

*The Loft & Aria – Rough Linen Globe

*The Loft – Pear Trinket Box

*MudHoney Carter Label Box – Black

.peaches. Lech Lecha Wine Cart – Rustic **NEW** at Uber

Foxwood ~ The Artist ~ Sleepy Pooch **NEW** at Uber

Apple Fall Oxford Wingback Chair

MH Trading Co. Hydrangea Vase Ivory

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