Cafe Je T’aime

Good morning and happy Monday!

It was bittersweet to see all the hard work we had done for the One Billion Rising sims disappear overnight as we handed the sims back to Linden Labs. That said, I already have ideas for what I want to do with the sim for next years OBR.

One of the areas I put in this year was a cafe and before the sims disappeared I went back and added some extra items to put together this scene. Valentine’s Day may have passed but it’s always the right time for a romantic dinner for two!


*..::THOR::.. Love Bites Table **NEW** at Collabor88

*..::THOR::.. Love Bites Chairs **NEW** at Collabor88

*..::THOR::.. Love Bites Wine Decanter **NEW** at Collabor88

*..::THOR::.. Love Bites Petals **NEW** at Collabor88

*Nutmeg. Ornamental Bicycle w/ Clutter & Bird Feeder **NEW** at Belle Events

*Nutmeg. Backyard Stool Olive

*Nutmeg. Rustic Branch Wreath

*JIAN Fennecs

*{vespertine} – cheese board.

*{vespertine} – crackers tray

*{vespertine} – breadsticks

*{vespertine} – mossy pebble pathway / center mosaic

dust bunny. spicy fiesta . chips & guac

ROIRO – Cafe blackboard

ROIRO – Hanging planter (Unknown plants)

ROIRO – Cafe counter

*Dahlia – Denmark – Blanket – Blush

*Loft & Aria – Wanderlust Tote

Heart – Wild Flowers – Quenn Ann’s Lace

*DaD – “Byron Pavillon”

T-Spot Birdsfoot Trefoil Meadow

Dutchie bistro table

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