Get Over Blogger Block – 7 Ideas

I fell in love with this bath when I first saw a photo of it on Facebook last week and the idea for this bright, vibrant bathroom was born!

I’ve seen a few bloggers talk recently on Facebook and other forums about ‘blogger block’. It’s real and it affects all of us from time to time. I thought I would share some of the ways i try to clear it and get back into a groove. Most of this will come from a decor blogging perspective but some will cross over to fashion blogging too. There’s no quick fix but some common sense ideas of how to revive the spark.

  • De-clutter your head. Try to clear everything else of the schedule. Free up some time to just think. That’s not always easy but you can’t focus on being creative if you are worrying about 10 other tasks in Second Life or in real life.
  • Seek Inspiration. Visit some explorable sims and look out for inspiration. No one is looking to copy anyone else but take a few seconds to look at an area you like and think how you could do it differently. What do you have to blog, or in your inventory that could change and adapt the scene in front of you.
  • View Inspiration. If you don’t have time to visit sims then take a look at some of the decor groups on Flickr. Again, let’s be inspired not copy but there are many variations on a theme and when so many of us are blogging the same sets then we need to find that line and come up with something unique. Looking at what others have done already isn’t a bad thing as long as you simply take it as a way to stimulate your own creativity.
  • Use your inventory to inspire you. Take the pressure off yourself completely and do a scene with no items that ‘have’ to be blogged and just use items you love from your inventory. We love those items for a reason and you’ll be surprised how quickly they spark the imagination.
  • Inspire Yourself! Make an album on Flickr and put in that album your absolute favourite photos that YOU have done. Your best scenes. Best outfits. Best edited photos etc. The photos/posts you did that you loved. Whether they were popular or not. Now, next time you have blogger block go look at that album. Think about how you felt doing that photo/scene etc. Think about your mindset and encourage yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back. You got this!
  • Talk to someone. The blogging community, in my experience, are a helpful bunch. Talk to your friends, suggest a collaboration, get some help with the scene or just send them a screenshot and ask them what kind of things they would add to the scene you have done so far. There are also groups like the Blogger & Vlogger Network where there is always someone willing to give a hand.
  • Drive through it. Sometimes it’s just a feeling inside of us that says “this scene is not good enough” or “This look isn’t right” and sometimes you just have to ignore it. Take the photo anyway. Don’t pre-judge what the finished photo will look like. I’ve had some photos do well where I hated the raw but loved the edited photo. If I had given in to the “nagging shoulder blogger” I would never have worked on that image and ended up with something I liked.

If all this fails and you are still unable to get a scene down or a photo taken then take a break. Blogger block of a couple of days is normal. When it’s a couple of weeks it will start to impact the stores and events you blog for plus likely place more stress on you which in turn will lead to you being less creative. My final piece of advice is talk to bloggers managers and/or creators and let them know. They are creative people themselves and will all have been in the same situation at some point or another. You may be surprised has sympathetic they are to your issues.

These are the things that help me when I am struggling and hope someone finds them of use too. I am sure there is nothing that is reinventing the wheel here but sometimes just a refresher is all that is needed.

Happy Blogging!


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2 thoughts on “Get Over Blogger Block – 7 Ideas

  1. Thank you for this… I just went through something similar. On the 3rd my sl partner decided to break up with me and said he was leaving SL for a long break. It hurt a lot and as a result created a creative block for a few days. I couldn’t decide what to write, it took me hours to just set up something to do because I couldn’t think of anything creative, etc. He doesn’t know I had spent weeks working on a Valentine’s surprise for him and then he does this, it hurt a lot. So, I became blocked. I’m still struggling a little but it’s gotten better. I have talked to a few blogger friends and it seems to have helped a bit…Ty for this list. ❤

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