Top 10 Spring Landscaping Items

Since I did the Winter Landscaping Items video a while back I have been promising a Spring version of the video. I realised when doing this that some items I would use for Spring would have been in my general landscaping video too so I haven’t included in them in the Top 10 but will provide links to those videos below.

I have chosen to focus on items that are specific to a Spring theme for me…I do love some yellow and white so expect daisies and daffodils! During the course of the video, I pull together items to produce the pond/lake scene you see below and I had a lot of feedback last time from people saying that after watching the video they felt more confident about putting down landscape items. That’s great!!! As I said in the first video (I think), nature isn’t perfectly aligned and symmetrical so your SL nature/landscaping doesn’t need to be either. I hope that message comes through.

Please consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel as I do have a lot of other content on there that you might find interesting and have another series of short help and tutorial videos planned soon too.

Top 10 Landscaping Items

Top 10 Winter Landscaping Items



1 – Heart Garden Centre – WILDFLOWERS – Daffodils – Yellow and white


2 – *alirium* nanohana


3 – Landscaping by Felix 1 Prim Flower Bush Scene and 1 Prim Mesh Flower Bush


4 – keke – Wild crocus


5 – Heart Garden Centre – Bluebells


6 – Hayabusa  MK SimpleGrassCover3 


7 – Heart Garden Centre – Forest Undergrowth – Clover and Daisies – Large


8 – HPMD – sweet garden grass


9  – Cube Republic – Reeds


10 – Cube Republic – Frogbit

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Spring Landscaping Items

  1. Also, sorry I’m an idiot and didn’t even mention how much I enjoy your videos and how much I learn and discover because of them. They are informative, instructive and also very soothing. I share them even to people who aren’t in sl so they can have an idea of what’s here since everyone seems to think all we do in second life is ravish each other or whatever.

    Thanks for the effort. 🙂


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