Too Much Love to Give

I simply adore the words on this wall decor item from Ariskea. I wrote a blog post a few years ago on this subject. It was not long after I had posted about narcissism in SL relationships and how I felt a bad experience had changed me. It did in the short term to be honest, but not in the longer term. I was still able to open myself and my heart in the future but back then I found it difficult to believe that I would. My blog post was about trust and whether it has to be built or, whether you have to start every relationship or friendship with a baseline level of trust that can then go up or down dependent on peoples behaviour. It caused quite a debate back then as I recall.

Anyways, I am rambling a bit…lack of sleep! Enjoy the photo and as always the list of credits is below!


*Ariskea [Clarity] Small Glass vase with Plant [Blue] LI: 3 **NEW** at Kustom 9
*Ariskea [Clarity] Green Bushy Ceramic LI: 1 **NEW** at Kustom 9
*Ariskea [Clarity] Dresser Wood [Spring] LI: 2 **NEW** at Kustom 9
*Ariskea [Clarity] Big Glass vase with Plant[White] LI: 3 **NEW** at Kustom 9
*Ariskea [Clarity] Frame with Quotes Love LI: 1 **NEW** at Kustom 9
*Ariskea [Clarity] Birdy Cage [Gold] LI: 6 **NEW** at Kustom 9

*Granola. Beatrice Chamomile. Vase B. 1 LI: 1 **NEW** at FaMESHed
*Granola. Beatrice Chamomile. Vase A. LI: 1 **NEW** at FaMESHed
*Granola. Beatrice Chamomile. Vase C. LI: 1 **NEW** at FaMESHed
*Granola. Beatrice Wooden Tray. LI: 1 **NEW** at FaMESHed
*Granola. Beatrice Daybed. Mist/Lt. PG. LI: 13 **NEW** at FaMESHed

Little Branch – Japanese Maple Shrub {Animated} 4 Seasons **NEW** at TMD

*hive // hanging devil’s ivy plant . light LI: 3
*hive // wooden hanging light LI: 2

Apple Fall Un Salon de Jardin LI: 34

*Ariskea {Australia} Macrame Rug LI: 1

HPMD* Garden Vine01 – olive C LI: 1

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