SL Home & Garden Calendar – April 2019

The talent in the Home & Garden Calendar group never fails to inspire me! I love seeing all the different ways bloggers and photographers come up with of using the same items for dramatically different results!

Check out the selection for April 2019 below!

SL Home & Garden Calendar Flickr Group

Hello Sunshine by Naiike Pani

Garden Trilogy – The Getaway by Callie Hamelin

garden trilogy ~ the getaway

Garden Days by Scar Requiem

Garden Days

Sometimes it’s better… by Justine Lemton

Sometimes It's Better To Let Someone Go

Bradley by Mercy Roffo


The Reasons Why by Yeriak

#Deco.  「  The Reasons Why 」

Having a belly stuffed… by Mischa Moyet

Having a belly stuffed with comforting food can feel like a warm hug from the inside...

Spring Garden by IgorAlmeida

Spring Garden

1297 by Carol Bebb

❀ Look Carol145 Bebb ❀ # 1297

You can cut all the flowers… by Engelsstaub

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming

salt baths by just amelia

salt baths..

with sea views by NatG

With sea views

Garden Getaway by Zeke Jestyr

Garden Getaway

Home Warm by Markel Kenzo

ʜᴏᴍᴇ ᴡᴀʀᴍ

Not your ordinary… by Kellytopaz Firehawk

Not your ordinary modern farmhouse kitchen......

Lunch preparations by Alexa Maravilla

Lunch preparations

Cozy Corner by Alexis Wilson

Cozy Corner

Spring Trinkets by Carolina Sautereau

Interior concept 17 by Ben Lewis

Interior Concept - 17

The Garden Brunch by EXIS

The Garden Brunch

Garden set by Dora 4S

Garden set

Spring Breakfast by RyanTailor

Spring Breakfast <3

untitled by Ni Avril

The Hidden Garden by Shocking Wonder

The Hidden Garden.

Paradise Spa by Kyrene Glendevon

Paradise Spa

Dinner’s ready by Hara

Dinner's ready

Same old song… by Dean Joe

♪ Same old song Just a drop of water in an endless sea All we do Crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see  Dust in the wind All we are is dust in the wind... ♪

The Gardener is here by Markel Kenzo

Dacha Garden by Sandryta

Dacha Garden....

Creativity is intelligence… by Annan Adored

Amazonia Beach by Pollux Beerbaum

Amazonia Beach

primo gusto by EXIS

Primo gusto

My inspiring place by NatG

My inspiring place

Memories by Loly Hallison


My Belgravia by Grace


My Belgravia by Noah Kim

#MyBelgravia - Gather here, with grateful hearts 💖

Surfin Usa by Naiike Pani

Surfin Usa

Getaway by Autumn Rose

[ Get Away ]

untitled by Terr Jedda

. . .

Nr21 by Moful DeWinter

Tea? by IgorAlmeida


Bloom where you are planted by Annan Adored

Bloom where you are planted...

Interior Concept 14 by Ben Lewis

Little Pork Rinds by Alexa Maravilla

Little pork rinds

Stay always like this by purr Foxclaw

Stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature.

Success is not.. by RyanTailor

Success is not final, failure is not fatal - It is the courage to continue that counts.

Dacha Life by Zeke Jestyr

Dacha Life

Easter Garden Party by Engelsstaub

easter garden party

untitled by Terr Jedda


Color Me Spring by Skye

gold dust by Tab Tatham

gold dust.

Destination Whimberly by Divos Titanium

Gallant Magazine - Destination Whimberly

Sanctuary by the Sea by skinny nilla

Sanctuary by the sea

Breakfast alfresco by Toby and Finch

Breakfast Alfresco

All I need is pasta… by Noah Kim

🏡//All I Need Is Pasta, Vino & Amore

1281 by Shiva Swords


Pool by Terr Jedda


Majesty – Let’s Brunch by Ebony

Majesty- Let's Brunch

Spring Feels by Hara

Spring feels

Tea Time by Luna Morineaux-Song

Tea time

untitled by Ni Avril


Be fearlessly authentic by Annan Adored

Be fearlessly authentic...

Flamboyance by EXIS


Lunch Time by Alexis Wilson

Lunch Time

Dacha Garden Shower Pallets by IgorAlmeida

Dacha Garden Shower Pallets

Book of Days by Naiike Pani

Book Of Days

Garden Time by Skye

Garden Time

Afternoon Delight by Divos Titanium

Afternoon Delight

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