SL Home & Garden Calendar – The Final Twelve 2019

This is the first year that we have a final Twelve for the Home and Garden Calendar as it started halfway through 2018 and only had 7 months of selections to choose from this time last year. We have a lot of very creative landscapers, decorators and bloggers add to the group each month and while it is far more ‘niche’ than avatar photos, it’s one of my favourite ones to do each month. 

I consider myself, first and foremost, a decor blogger and I get so much inspiration and excitement from seeing the creativity of the people that add their photos to this group.

So here it is, the 2019 Home & Garden Calendar. If you would like to see the complete selection for each month click on the month to open up the relevant blog post from last year.

January 2019

Lazy Days by Victor Miguel


February 2019

S.Luxury 91.3 by sluxury

S.Luxury 91.3

March 2019

La Primavera by EXIS

La Primavera

April 2019

Be fearlessly authentic by Annan Adored

Be fearlessly authentic...

May 2019

A Safe Place to Land by Luane Meo

A Safe Place To Land

June 2019

The story of a traveler by Alexa Maravilla

The story of a traveler

July 2019

Quiet Time by NatG

Quiet time

August 2019

A girl sanctuary by Shocking Wonder

A girl sanctuary.

September 2019

sweet little sunday by Engelsstaub

sweet little sunday

October 2019

Apothecary pills and ancient thrills by Hara

Apothecary pills and ancient thrills

November 2019

Do you ever look back…. by Bambi

Do you ever look back? Will you ever look back?

December 2019

untitled by Zeke Jestyr

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