I have an early finish today a nice long weekend coming up. I have a few reasons to be looking forward to the weekend. Quality time with Mr V for one. My RL co-workers all think I’m a little bit mad for booking Monday off work just to watch Game of Thrones but I’m sure they book time off for reasons I don’t much care for either and I don’t judge them. 

I was in two minds about booking the time off but the truth is I usually get to the end of the annual leave year with days left over that I take just because they have to be used up anyway, so why not use one of them for something I enjoy? I had originally planned to watch the final episode before going to work like I have most of the season but something happened last week to change my mind. 

So, last Monday I watched The Bells at 6am and then went to work. My immediate reaction after watching the episode was disappointment. I quickly made judgement about the endings of some of the characters. I was on the “this is awful, this isn’t how it’s supposed to be” train for most of the day. Then, when I got home from work I watched it again. I had more time to think and absorb. I also watched several analysis videos – some from people that hated and some from people that loved it. Then I watched the 40 min or so official behind the scenes of the episode on the Game of Thrones YouTube Channel. I thought of what alternatives could have existed and came to the conclusion that of all the options available for the demise of Cersei and the turn of the Mad Queen they had probably taken the best and only option. I do think this whole season feels rushed. Maybe it should have been 10 episodes. Maybe a whole additional season. 

I realised that what I really didn’t like wasn’t the story arc, or the writing, or the relative suddenness of it. It was how uncomfortable it felt to be on the side of wrong. To realise you have been rooting for the baddies, admittedly in a world full of baddies, instead of on the side of good that you thought you were. It could be argued that for instilling that sudden, gut-wrenching feeling of shame and despair on all of us the writing was pure genius, rather than the DnD bashing I’ve been a lot on social media. 

Of course, the other thing to remember is that the great man himself, George R R Martin had shared with DnD his planned ending for the show. He may not have written it but I think it’s fair to assume that they would have been as true as they could to what GRRM had in store. 

Goodness! I did not mean to write all that when I started! Anyways, we will find out more on Monday and, even if the end is disappointing, I will still have the rest of the day off work! 


*Head – LeLutka – Korina

*Skin  – Glam Affair – Sapphire

Eyes – AviGlam – Horizon

*Tattoo – Bolson / Tattoo Cronopios Collection – Nadja

*Ice Cream – LeLutka  Delights Cream

*Hair – Stealthic – Mirage **NEW** at Collabor88

*Dress – Lapointe & Bastchild – Swear Olivia Dress **NEW** at Uber

Ears – ^^Swallow^^ Pop Pixie

*Pose – Gingerfish – I Scream for Ice Cream**NEW** at Pose Fair

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One thought on “Licked

  1. “even if the end is disappointing, I will still have the rest of the day off work!”

    And if the end isn’t disappointing you won’t have the day off?
    But anyways, I just can’t fathom how one can waste their precious vacation days with watching the tele? Particularly in the States (assuming you’re from thereabouts) where you don’t get much vacation time at all. Don’t you have any more exciting shit to do? Surfing, sailing, motorbiking, raec car driving, hiking, climbing, collecting stamps or just about anything?


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