Birds Fluttered Round Her

These birds are cute for sure but at the moment I feel like a swan (no, I don’t have a super long neck), more the analogy about how a swan looks graceful above water and below water their little legs are running frantically to keep up! 

It’s a really busy week for me with lots going on for SL16B and a Marketing Seminar I’m running with Alexa Maravilla on Saturday. I’m just dealing with one days workload at a time and while that is the way I work best, it can be a little bit frazzling too.

Later today I will be posting the details about my upcoming interview with Jake Vordun at SL16B and I am really looking forward to that. I have know Jake for many years and he’s become a very good friend. 

Anyways this is one of those areas I put together for blogging that is staying at my sim because it’s just so chill and relaxing. Details below!  


*Nutmeg. Grandma’s Cottage Basket w/Flowers LI: 6 **NEW** at Kustom9
*Nutmeg. Grandma’s Cottage Bench Dark Adult LI: 7 **NEW** at Kustom9
*Nutmeg. Grandma’s Cottage Fresh Bread LI: 3 **NEW** at Kustom9

*Nutmeg. Disarray Old Jar Plant LI: 4

dust bunny. dwarf fruit trees. green apple tree LI: 4

+Half-Deer+ Yellow Baby Birds

HPMD* Garden Vine 02 – arrange E LI: 1

*Ariskea [Shy] Ivy Old window [Spring] LI: 6

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