Mainstore Monday – Moss&Mink

Back this week with another visit to a mainstore location in Second Life. This week I visited Moss&Mink. As always, full disclosure, I blog for this store. What I’ve realised with doing this series of blog posts is that when you blog for a store you rarely visit the location to check out what is on offer to customers. In the case of Moss&Mink I had been to the mainstore location a couple of times…firstly when the sim opened and there was a huge fun party for the VIP group. That’s something that will run through this post. Cielo the owner really goes out of her way to look after and cherish her VIPs.

When you arrive you are in a circular welcome area where the very friendly bot will greet you and remind you to wear your tag. This is important as you will receive a 10% discount on items with it. Close by is the wall featuring the links to all the events the store is taking part in regularly, the group gifts, giftcards, redelivery and teleport links to the older items and adult items.

Here’s some important information:

Store Description: moss&mink creates modern, feminine furniture & decor to style your SL home with. Low prim Furniture & decor, w/color HUDs for pastels, vibrant, muted & dark colors.  Mix & Match to suit your own personal style.
Creator: Cielo Capalini
Group: {moss&mink} (secondlife:///app/group/1167bde4-b5a2-2571-962d-8843b6553e9e/about)
Group Join Fee: L$500
Group Gift Available: Yes, 8 Group Gifts plus your choice of 1 Monthly Choice VIP Group Gift
Subscriber: No
Redelivery Terminal: Yes

There is a board listing the many benefits VIP group members get in addition to the group including 30% Early Bird discounts on all new releases and a standard discount on all purchases.

The items nearest this area tend to be the latest releases including the kitchen above and then you can set off to explore this beautifully landscaped and laid out sim by following the colourful path.

All the areas are clearly marked out for furniture or indoor or outdoor items and there are also some beautiful commercial builds on offer too. Nearly everything Cielo designs come with a massive colour hud so you get lots of options to mix and match with the items you already have in your home.

The store name has the tagline “Love where you live” and it’s so obvious how much love Cielo pours into the store and all the items and the work she puts into making sure that the benefits customers get in return exceeds the standards offered by almost any other store I can think of.

As you walk around the sim you will see stunning photos from the bloggers that are part of the team and they look incredible…a few of them stopped me in my tracks as I went around the sim.

Visit {moss&mink} and if you are premium and have some new spare group spaces it’s definitely worth spending one on!

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