SL Calendar Girls – July 2019

Apologies if you had a notification earlier about this post and then couldn’t find it. I had some issues with images loading! All fixed now, hopefully! I hope you are all having an amazing summer. The July selection is here and it’s packed with new faces and various other bits…definitely NSFW!

Each month I choose my favourite pictures that have been added to the SL Calendar Girls Flickr group throughout the month and again, at the end of the year I will again choose one image from each month to represent a ‘calendar’ of 2019 photographs. I can’t stress enough that these are my personal choices not based on photoshop skills or composition necessarily. It can be anything that makes a photo jump out of me. I am still looking at thousands of photos a month now and these are the ones that leap out at me when I go through, that make me do a double-take and stop and take in the image.

I love that I still find new people to follow every month and continue to find my jaw literally dropping at the sheer talent and creativity of our community of virtual photographers.

Here is the July 2019 selection:

red roses by Lara Tomasso

Red roses

lemonade days by Callie Hamelin

lemonade days

Dark as Dreams by Lori Matthews


Make them feel the heat by Adalynne Romano

Make them feel the heat

VHW by Fadagitana Blindside

New Post ►831◄ VHW

635 by Melly Clarrington

LOTD 635

変化 by yuki-onna


small small green by Marino Sandalwood

Small small green

Island Life by Ary McAuley

Island Life

Butterfly by Eva Muse

B u t t e r f l y

Hot Summer by Melony Denver

Hot summer

Stimulation by Magician XIII


Faces by Leanne Mordue


Miss Independent by SL Celleana

Miss Independent

Cowgirl by Adriane Silva

New Post: ∞Forever Twenty One∞ LOTD 719 Cowgirl...

Look 404 by Paty Dorben

untitled by Scott and Lisa Holloway

Speakeasy / Amitie /Vanilla Bae

Hangout by Elocuencia


Momentarily I played with the devil by A Frith

Momentarily I played with the devil...

Quietness by Sorcha Tyles

Can we hang on by evelina lana

Can we hang on .......

You make me feel so alive… by Sandryta

You make me feel so alive When I'm with you and touch the sky I'm so in love ain't no lie You're the only one for me...

Sweet Memories by Viixiin

42 by Foxi McCalister


Big#20 by Stefani Young Hwang


Inspired HAM by Immylicious vicious jetcity

Inspired HAM

Xana Newall by Ali Lavarock

[ Xana Newall ]

untitled by Spajkie GreenN

♥New Post♥ Belle Epoque // Amitié

with me by funky Neox

With me...

Black Summer by Lilah Wildrose

Black Summer

You can kiss my heels now by Tiffany Parkin

N533 You Can Kiss My Heels Now

Live fast by Tarja Haven

Live Fast

Space Date by Rhea

Space Date

say cheese by Ni Avril

s a y . c h e e s e

Flore by Miliany Orsini


Unstoppable by Lillynot Jinx

Unstoppable ♫♫

Live it up for the weekend by Kirca

KIW #483 - Live it up for the weekend

marguerite by Purple Leonis


ILove Fashion by Lofa Iqah

paint me like your french girls… by Hera Argeia

paint me like your french girls, piece by piece : #527

You know me well by Annan Adored

You know me well . . .

Old, but still good by Zuzka

Old, but still good

+ by Frau Muller

Down on Fascination Street by Simone Fiore

Down on Fascination Street...

Consuming All My Kindness by Ada

Consuming All My Kindness...

Delusion by Lexia


I wore diamonds by Stella Mahogany

[...I wore diamonds]

Range Time by Eripom Moonwall

"Range Time" SAC Tier-ONE Preview

1069 by Painstyle Blog


Aylamek by ARnnO PLAneR

Aylamek #paparazzoted

Sweet Summer Days by Kynne Llewellyn

Sweet Summer Days

It’s summer somewhere… by Absinthe

One the beach by Kim Wexler

On the beach <3

Now look a bit harder by Kimmy Littleboots

Now look a bit harder

Youth by Haely E

# Youth #

It’s Leo Season by Sylvia Olivier

It's Leo Season!

❤ by xSalvyx


I wanna do bad things… by Twizzy

I wanna do bad things with you

Simply for Love by Pretty Rexen

Simply For Love

If i shall die before I wake… by Bailey Delwood

"If I shall die before I awake, I pray the Lord my soul to take."

42 by Sally Smashes


Show me how… by Aria Kenden

Ride by Infinity Lenn

Ride /

Adieu by Lesleyyyyy Lisa


Let’s Talk by Xana Newall

Lets Talk

1502 by Xaveco Mania

→ ● 1502 ● ←

Chill blast by Rhea

Chill blast

Brown Skin Girl by Tarja Haven


That Summer Feeling by Catalina

That Summer Feeling

F**king Perfect by Ric Applewhyte

F**king Perfect

I’m watching you walk by Kira Balestra

I'm watching you walk

Floating in Dreams by Teej

[Floating in dreams]

Catch and Release by Sally Smashes

Catch and Release

She sells seashells by Autumn Rose

[ She sells seashells... ]

Under the moon we last by Luna Morineaux-Song

Under the moon we last

Feeling so good by Bella Diaz

● 1828 Feeling so good ♪

270 by Alegria

- 270 -

Narcisse by LeaOh


Closer by Angella Keng


Noely by Sofie Janic


Rosalind by Grace


California Dreamers by Anuska Loon

California Dreamers

Blue Monday by Sorcha Tyles

~Blue Monday~

Mad Fishing Skills by Duchess Flux

Mad Fishing Skills

Swallow by Scott and Lisa Holloway

Dreaming by Aradia Dielli


with the voltage running… by Absinthe

slow love in solitude by Teej

[slow love in solitude]

Flying to the moon again by Autumn Rose

[ Flying to the moon again ]

The light is on but he’s not home by A Frith

The light is on but he's not home...

untitled by Lan


1560 by Kleine Raubkatze


x by Julz

[ x ]

Burn the Witch by Liz Winterstorm

Burn the Witch

Wandering Souls by Dae Fangs

Wandering soul

The light shines in the darkness by Sansa Hope

The light shines in the darkness ♥

Hold me while you wait by Stefania Giano

Hold me while you wait

Starstruck by Kynne Llewllyn


I keep singing… by Novaleigh Freng

I Keep Singing; Don't Know Why I Do...

Return to Sender by Tweeko

Return to sender

Deep Innocence by Thaya Sapphire

Deep innocence

Ven a buscarme, Papi by Amanda ‘Pinkie’ Randall

= ♛ Ven a buscarme, Papi ♛ =

untitled by Zanthie Hale


untitled by Terr Jedda


Just Bunny by Bunny

Just Bunny

I don’t wanna let go by Sistine Kristan

I don't wanna let go..

935 by Edumetal Lavarock and laveneno74


Mess is Mine by camille amphetamine

Mess is mine

Sense start now by Coqueta Georgia

Sense Start Now!....

Só te faz bem  by Lillynot Jinx

Só te faz bem ♫♫

A heart without a dream… by Aleriah

A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers

195 by Panica & Silentium


Your mind is a garden by Lori Matthews


Can’t take my eyes off of you by It’sa Me Maria

A lavender breeze… by EXIS

A lavender breeze, summer perfume

889 by Caroline

Through Glass by Trish Hendes

Through Glass

Nothing breaks like a heart by Belen Ackland

Nothing breaks like a heart

longing is incurable by Alicia Jinx van Hell

◈№. 757  - longing is incurable

vacation mood by Cataleya

. v a c a t i o n   m o o d .

Looking for a ride by Blizzard

#454 " LooKING for a ride "

❤ by Laoise S


untitled by Charlote Petrova

Blue midsummer loveliness by EXIS

Blue midsummer loveliness

268 by Alegria

- 268 -

to shine your brightest…. by Charlie Namiboo

[to shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are … ♪♫]

To fly, one needs only… by Linda Reddevil

To Fly, One Needs Only To Take the Reins

untitled by leafy


Dare me by Lexia

Dare me...

Magician by Lightrona


Take me back to that… by Sandryta

untitled by Ni Avril


untitled by Adriana Perido

untitled by Corsario Lionheart

Feelin cute by Shocking Wonder

Feelin Cute

Candlelight by Jarrinea Babii

Candlelight... ♥

The Black Baronesse by Giselle Chauveau

The Black Baronesse.

My Farm Life by Grace

My Farm Life

Optical Illusion by Keely Mistwood

Optical illusion

Hello Bitches by Kira Balestra

Hello Bitches

Darcia by Susanne Drechsler


Every Breath You Take by Anika Cluny

Every Breath You Take

The better to eat you with by Ada

...The Better To Eat You With

Wander Lost by Hara

Wander Lost

Cluter by Foxi McCalister


Bloom by Leanne Mordue


Can’t Explain, I’ll never know by Danna Benoir

Can't explain, I'll never know.

It’s really important… by Kimmy Ridley

"It's really important to have balance, spend some time in nature, go to a few parties, enjoy my friends and really chill out." - Joakim Noah

Lace&Pearls by Catalina


720 by Aimee Cristole


Gemini by Annika Velde


Summer escape by Sheila Breen

Summer escape

Secret Cafe by Kanatan Abramovic

096. Secret cafe.

Neferneferuaten Nefertiti by Kitty Von Cat

Look 957 - Neferneferuaten Nefertiti

That lie to you by Kira Balestra

That lie to you ...

a sensual bath by Morgan Monroe

[ .... a sensual bath ] 💋

Drowing in you by Quistis Shippe

♥ Drowing in you

Me & My Broken Heart by Lofa Iqah

... Me & My Broken Heart

make me cry by Claudia Orsini

make me cry.

Nothing subtle, nothing mild by Rowan Elise

Nothing subtle, nothing mild.

A long time ago by Sorchiee

A Long Time Ago...

It’s enough just to make you feel by Madison RR Bugaati Salmson

It's enough just to make you feel.

Savage by Megan Skarsgard


free as the wind by Ashley Ferreira

free as the wind

Here legs swing… by Kimmy Ridley

“Her legs swing complete afternoons away.”― Jill Eisenstadt

Gimme More by Lou Shadow

Gimme More

Just own the night… by Absinthe

. just own the night like the fourth of july .

You are every breath… by Clary C

''You are every breath that i take... you are every step that i will make...''

Bria by Magissa Denver


I’m a Mess by Jessa Casti

I'm a Mess

On the wind by Adalynne Romano

Wherever you go by Chickadee

Wherever You Go

Belle Event start now by Coqueta Georgia

Belle Event Start Now!...

Pool Sunday by Shocking Wonder

Pool Sunday

Ashley by Miliany Orsini


per aspera as astra by Morgana Direwytch

per aspera as astra

Stormy by Kynne Llewellyn


Summer Breeze… by Catherine Nikolaidis

..summer breeze.. so fine..'

untitled by Lan


… by Terr Jedda

. . .

Three Little Birds by Delilah Hannu

Three Little Birds

She was just looking… by Daily Doll

She was just looking for a place to belong

Wildflowers by Airi Soulstar


Serendipity by Blizzard

#438 Serendipity

Warmy beach day by Kira Malien

Warmy Beach Day ♥

Lena by Talija


Relaxed Mermaid by Sophieso Demonia

# ♥1105 ~ ʀᴇʟᴀxᴇᴅ ᴍᴇʀᴍᴀɪᴅ

Witchcraft on her lips by Autumn Rose

[ Witchcraft On Her Lips ]

I wish that you were here… by Fanny Finney

I wish that you were here or I were there or we were together anywhere

Heart on Fire by Tweeko

Heart on fire

Bathwater by Sadystika Sabretooth


00269 by Ryo Chat Noir

# 00269

Demonon Vrosis by Dae Fangs

Love Lies by Arwen Clarity

Love Lies

Remember the first love… by Caiti Baxton

.Remember the First Love That We Made.

heliophilia by Geena Carminucci


vitamin d by Just Amelia

vitamin d..

. by i n e s


untitled by Tugba

The only way to calm… by Aleksandra Romanov

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