SL Home & Garden Calendar – July 2019

It’s a little later than planned this month but the July selection for the Home and Garden Calendar is now ready!

The talent in the Home & Garden Calendar group never fails to inspire me! I love seeing all the different ways bloggers and photographers come up with of using the same items for dramatically different results!

As with Calendar Girls I make a selection of my favourite photos each month, Check out the selection for July 2019 below!

SL Home & Garden Calendar Flickr Group

Home Sweet Home by Blair Dalton

Home Sweet Home

Love is gentle… by Justine Lemton

Love Is Gentle & Love Is Kind

Let summer be kissed… by Adalynne Romano

Let summer be kissed with hunger of autumn

Early morning… by Dean Joe

♪ Early morning Eight o'clock precise I see the lonely August sun arise... ♪

1376 by Carol Bebb

❀ Look Carol145 Bebb ❀ # 1376

The Mojave Collection by Kellytopaz Firehawk

The Mojave Collection...

Be Wild by Alexis Wilson

Be Wild

Quiet Time by NatG

Quiet time

Simply Falling by Naiike Pani

Simply Falling

El Charco Pool by IgorAlmeida

El Charco Pool

Rustic Summer Village by Teej

Rustic Summer Villa

Beauty is the ordinary by Shocking Wonder

Beauty is the ordinary

Seaside Calm by Sandryta

Seaside Calm .....

Heaven by Luane Meo


Near the seaside by Alexa Maravilla

Near the seaside

untitled by Zeke Jestyr

Solo by Sorcha Tyles


sunset at paradise by Valenska Voljeti

Sunset at paradise

Seaside Calm by Hara

Seaside calm

94 by Callie Oh

LOTD 94 Numm Numm's

On a dark and dreary night by Augusta Godenot

On a Dark and Dreary Night

Carolina Beach by Julianna Cane

[.Carolina - Beach.]

Nautical Refuge by Scar Requiem

Nautical Refuge

small sweet spot by Loly Hallison

Small sweet spot!

Garden spaces by purr Foxclaw

Garden spaces...

What is creation by Bambi

What is creation

Unorganized Organization by Ebony

Majesty- Unorganized Organization

Nowhere in particular by Autumn Rose

[ Nowhere in Particular ]

untitled by Xana Newall

Rustic Living by Elaine Lectar

Ayla - Rustic Living

Funky Monday by EXIS

Funky Monday

… by Terr Jedda

can we pretend…. by Just Amelia

Can we pretend that we all end up okay

The comforts of home by Tiffany Parkin

N524 The Comforts Of Home

Brighter than the sun by Kyrene Glendevon

Brighter Than The Sun

I woke up with a nice butt by Hara

I woke up with a nice butt

Our secret hideout by Shocking Wonder

Our secret hideout.

If you’ll listen carfully… by Bambi

If you'll listen carfully... You might hear the soft sound of a Missing Melody

… by Naiike Pani


Sail away with me by Annan Adored

Strawberry Fiesta by Scar Requiem

Strawberry Fiesta

Dark Dreams by Sienna Skye Foxdale

Dark Dreams

untitled by Ni Avril


The Wish by Luane Meo

The Wish

Hamptons Holiday by Engelsstaub

Hampton Holidays

outdoor living by Teej

[outdoor living]

Early morning brunch by Daily Doll

Early morning brunch

Sea Salt by Noah Kim

🌊Sea Salt

Summer Breeze by Ebony

Majesty- Summer Breeze

Time is like a River by Alexa Maravilla

Time is like a river

Midsummer Night’s Dream by NatG

Midsummer night's dream

on the outside by EXIS

On the outside

Clair Bathroom by Annan Adored

Clair Bathroom set by Mossu available @ Uber

Summer House by Victor Miguel


Sea Salt and Sunshine by Eloen

Sea Salt & Sunshine

Stay Bumble by Luna Morineaux-Song

Stay bumble

On the Bright Side by Sienna Skye Foxdale

On The Bright Side

Calm Beach by IgorAlmeida

Calm Beach

Rustic Living by Kellytopaz Firehawk

Rustic Living...

untitled by Zeke Jestyr


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