SL Calendar Guys – July 2019 (NSFW)

I know! I am super late with this months list but it’s soooo worth the wait! Please note there may be moderate rated pictures included in the post.

This is becoming a tougher ask every month with more quality photos being added to the group! I am very happy with how the Calendar Guys group is progressing with a really strong core of photographers and bloggers adding their images last month. Of course we want more!!! The link to the group is below so please encourage your friends with male avatars to join the group and add their amazing images. The quality level has been very high so far so it’s already a challenge to choose my favourites. Here’s the group: SL Calendar Guys

And here is the selection of photos for July 2019:

Olive Garden by Eric Whisperstorm

Olive Garden

War and Peace by Scar Requiem

War and Peace

Stand & Deliver by Divos Titanium

Stand & Deliver

How do you sleep by Kaiden Tray

How do you sleep?

Kiss my Ace by Swain Craven

From the Deepest Fires… by Perseo Nikolaidis

From the Deepest fires I rise..

Carter Holloway by Sonic

Ƈαятєя Hσℓℓσωαу...

Don’t judge someone’s attitude… by Vin Soulstar

Don't judge someone's attitude until you've felt their pain...

272 by Alegria

- 272 -

If you see me… by Joe Zavala

If you see me its too late...

Fire Your Guns by Spike Clémenceau-Silent

LOTD - Fire Your Guns #083

Dilemmas by Mac Massimo


1342 by Shiva Swords


when the nice guy loses his patience… by Nirevil

Nirevil # 382 When the nice guy loses his patience, the devil shivers

Dog Days by Sander Sunborne

Dog Days...

It’s called freefall by Fenrir

It's called  Freefall

J’ai drôle d’attitude man, j’dois être niqué by ARnnO PLAneR

J'ai drôle d'attitude man, j'dois être niqué

Mickey Moose by Tory King

Client: Mickey Moose

Believe in Me by Iozi Wasp

....Believe in me

I don’t think… by Yuki Watanabe

[I ᴅᴏɴ´ᴛ ᴛʜɪɴᴋ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴀɴʏ ʀᴇᴀʟɪsᴍ ɪs ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛɪғᴜʟ.]

I am trap in your love by Hikaru Enimo

I am trap in your love.......

City of Blinding Lights by Murilo Tempest

City Of Blinding Lights ♫♪

Coffee? by IgorAlmeida


you can’t escape by Damien Crow

The Alchemist by Dominae Desmoulins & Gabriel Montagne

BLOG - The Alchemist

Modulus Daeshim by Kn0ck 0ut

Modulus Daeshim at Uber

Your name on my lips by Damien Powell

Your Name on my Lips

Keep Going by Dash

Keep Going

Dream On by Dusty Pedroia

Dream On

Love will keep you up tonight by Ric Applewhyte

161 by Pascal


Bist on board by Varosh Santanamiguel

Bist an Board

Que mientras más te acercas Más aumentas mi ansiedad by Guilherme Andretti

#598. Que mientras más te acercas Más aumentas mi ansiedad

Don’t be afraid… by Oliver88

dont be afraid to dive into your dreams

Her menagerie by B R R O

3.4 Her menagerie

Dear Devil by Sei Han

♦ Dear Devil

Two in the hand by Scar Requiem

Two in the hand

Let me be your rockstar by Trouble Dethly

Let Me Be Your Rockstar

stressless by Mark Knight

stressless ...

Tryin’ to by Markel Kenzo

ᴛʀʏɪɴ' ᴛᴏ

The yokai’s song by ᴀᴄᴏ ɴᴜʀᴀʀɪʜʏᴏɴ

The yokai's song

After I’ve read by Ryan Tailor

After ive read her message from norderney

It seems I found… by Twizzy

It seems I found the road to nowhere, And I'm trying to escape

yes. I’m changing by David Holfe

#264.- Yes, im changing..

Rough Day by North Boy

Rough day...

Black Magic by Guga D’Orey

Yakusoku by Leralon C


Rear Window by Mr Madness

Rear Window

the air clear, the mind polluted by Justin Cross

❝the air clear, the mind polluted❞

251 by Kennes Xue


Native Urband by Scott & Lisa Holloway

Native Urban / NAVAJO

Mr SciFi Imaginarium by JJ Goodman

My SciFi Imaginarium

Sometime Around Midnight by Zain Garzo

271 by Alegria

- 271 -

I’m ridin’ with no brain by Kavika Lowgun

I'm ridin' with no brain -

Bedenke das Ende… Erst denken, dann handeln. by John Cordeaux

Bedenke das Ende... Erst denken, dann handeln.

Contagious Chemistry by Wolvern Barbosa

...Contagious Chemistry...

You Need to Calm Down by MattNight84

You Need To Calm Down

untitled by Zeke Jestyr

un cafe, merci by Halim

un café , merci :)

I got to find my way back… by Sandryta

Risk, live for this by Brysen Miller

{... Risk - Live For This ...}

Trabalhar pró bronze by Ricardo Morsch

• Trabalhar pró bronze •

Transparent by Swain Craven


Cyborg Memories by Iozi Wasp

Cyborg Memories

Brotherhood by Sei Han

♦ Brotherhood

GFY by Roman Godde


1636 by Suan Deluxe

LOTD #1636

Lover Boy by Fenrir


I love being sneaky…. by Lofa Iqah

Underestimate me… by Mr Showman

Pit of Fire by Kira Balestra

Pit of Fire

Lullaby by David Holfe

#260.- Lullaby..

Psycho by Jakobat Bergan


In the dark by ArQit3ct

ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴀʀᴋ..

Connect by Mykael Fallen

L’amande du noyau by Tyler Oysternatz

L'amande du noyau

Broken by Damien Crow


Sick and Twisted by North Boy

Sick and twisted

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