SL Home & Garden Calendar – September 2019

It’s time for one of my favourites, the Home and Garden Calendar. I love getting chance to review this group once a month as there are always images I’ve missed as the month has progressed.

The talent in the Home & Garden Calendar group never fails to inspire me! I love seeing all the different ways bloggers and photographers come up with of using the same items for dramatically different results!

As with Calendar Girls I make a selection of my favourite photos each month, Check out the selection for September 2019 below!

SL Home & Garden Calendar Flickr Group

Morning Aurora by Lєѕ Ɗє́ℓιяєѕ Ɗє Ɓувуℓ

Morning aurora

Sunday Pizza by NatG

Sunday pizza

Octavia’s Lounge by Ebony

Majesty- Octavia's Lounge

Fall Friends – FlashMe Photography

Fall Friends...

Elegant Perspectives by Loly Hallison

Elegant perspectives...

Sweet Little Sunday by Engelsstaub

sweet little sunday

October Gold by Yeriak

#Deco.  「  October Gold  」

Start each day… by Annan Adored

Start each day with a grateful heart . . .

Wabi Sabi by rxde

Wabi Sabi

I’m not shy of a spark by Dean Joe

♪ I'm not shy of a spark The knife twists at the thought That I should fall short of the mark Frightened by the bite No, it's no harsher than the bark A middle of adventure Such a perfect place to start... ♪

namaste by Zeke Jestyr


Shades of September by Shocking Wonder

Shades of September

Serenity by Divos Titanium


Just us Bones by Kyrene Glendevon

Just Us Bones

The colour of the season by Kitty Von Cat

Look 1030 - The colour of the Season !

1456 by Carol Bebb

❀ Look Carol145 Bebb ❀ # 1456

Resting Witch Face by Hara

Resting Witch Face

Falling for Cookies by Elaine Lectar


The beginning of Autumn by Victor Miguel


Cherub Statue by Sandryta

Cherub Statue....

Lavender Garden by RM

Autumn by Bella Diaz

● 1909 Autumn

Fallburn by IgorAlmeida


autumnal coziness by Talija

...autumnal coziness...

Meet me at the Lobby bar by Scar Requiem

Meet me at the Lobby's Bar

The Resort Lounge by Tiffany Parkin

N574 The Resort Lounge

Memories by Grace


24°C by Noah Kim

⛅ 24°C

Autumn Spaces by KellyTopaz Firehawk

Autumn Spaces...

Autumn’s Touch by EXIS

Autumn's touch

Sunshower at Cherishville by FlashMe Photography

Sunshower at Cherishville

The Way to Nowhere by Luane Meo

The Way to Nowhere

No sleep by Tab Tatham

no sleep.

006 by Royalty


Hey You by Naiike Pani

Hey You

Pacifico by Alexa Maravilla


untitled by Ni Avril

when fall comes by Callie Hamelin

when fall comes...

apples and pears by Just Amelia

apples and pears..

Good morning Sun by Lilah Wildrose

Good Morning Sun

A Taste for Autumn by Divos Titanium

A Taste for Autumn

Orchard Harvest by Sandryta

Orchard Harvest.....

Last Summer Days by Cordelia McMasters

Last summer days

Crisp September Air by Hara

Crisp September air

Harvest Happiness by Shocking Wonder

Harvest Happiness

Trompe Loeil… by Annan Adored

Orchard Treasures by Noah Kim

🍏 Orchard Treasures

Almost over by EXIS

Almost over

L’Automne by Shocking Wonder


The fruits of your labor by Alexa Maravilla

The fruits of your labor

There’s a place I long to be by Bambi

There's a place I long to be

Industrial Bedroom by Sienna Skye Foxdale

Industrial Bedroom

untitled by Naiike Pani


The farm table by Loly Hallison

Your place in the family of things by Lσяí βαílεч Aʂтεяíα

Your place in the family of things

Office Tour by Logan Fournier

Office Tour✨

untitled by Xana Newall

untitled by Terri Jedda


Had it under control by Bear Starr

Had It Under Control

Where Dreamers Dream by Ebony

Majesty- Where Dreamers Dream

Summer’s End by Callie Oh

LOTD 112 Summer's End

A Day in Autumn by Justine Lemton

A Day in Autumn

I know a place by Luane Meo

I Know A Place

Fall Leaves in Autumn by Adriane Silva

New Post: ∞Forever Twenty One∞ LOTD 739 Fall Leaves in Autumn...

being thankful is prospective by Teej

[being thankful is a prospective]

Country Living by Kitty Von Cat

Look 1013 - Country Living

Attic Hideout – Raw Shot by Sofie Janic

Attic Hideout - Raw Shot

Memories by Varosh Santanamiguel


Wake me up… by Guilherme Andretti

#608. Wake me up when September ends

Rincones by Lucia Brune


untitled by Zeke Jestyr

Awakening the Autumn Goddess by Mischa Moyet

Awakening the Autumn Goddess....

Precious World by chèrcherry crystal

Precious World

it was that day… by Malina Joetta

Michelle, ma belle by Bear Starr

Michelle, Ma Belle

untitled by Naiike Pani


Gypsy Soul by Luna Morineaux-Song

Gypsy soul

in the mood by NatG

In the mood

Grace by Sandryta

Orange is the Happiest Colour by Annan Adored

Orange is the happiest color . . .

Between Seasons by Loly Hallison

Between seasons...

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