Life’s a Breeze

You’re laying in a shallow pool of sunlit water. Your bottom half immersed as you lift a foot and watch perfectly formed drops of water sparkling in the sun, drip between your toes back into the pool. You have the perfect Pina Colada in your hand and as you close your eyes your senses pick up the sound of waves softly lapping the rocks and birds sweeping overhead. With a sea salt breeze gently brushing your face your skin glows as you bask in the warm sunlight.

That’s exactly the scene I imagined as I sat in the pool of the tropical paradise I’m showing you today.

If you have been around in Second Life for any sort of period of time you will have known of, lived in or shopped at reBourne at some point. Over the last few years the brand has been sadly quiet but is back with a bang at the October round of FaMESHed with a brand new build. Boracay.

It’s been 4 years since the release of the reBourne Lakehouse which was a massive multi-level build which has stood the test of time in terms of texture quality and look. You could buy the Lakehouse today and it will still look every bit the brand new home you wanted. Unlike so much of Second Life, it has not dated. But, I’m not here to talk to you about the Lakehouse…today I’m going to talk more about Boracay.

Boracay is a much more manageable size build and suitable for smaller parcels with a minimum 30 x 44 footprint (including the jetty, 30 x 34 without the jetty). Set on two levels with oodles of outdoor space and 2 rooms on the first floor and one large room on the ground level there is plenty of space to add in all your favourite tropical and summer decor. The detailing on the structure is extraordinary in terms of both the design and texture with its gorgeous canvas awnings, stunning staircase and long jetty you see an amazingly imagined space that is immersive and ultra-realistic.

In addition to having lots of space for items of your personal taste there are lots of built-in areas, with bento animations, that come as part of the build:-

-Outdoor shallow mosaic pool with single and couple animations for 2 people.

-Outdoor mosaic tub with driftwood gazebo. With Avisit animation menu for 4 people.

-Hanging net with cushions. Avisit menu for 3 people. PG and Adult Bento Animations.

The build itself comes in two versions, ground level (as shown) and a skybox version with surround. Li285 for the ground level and only a few prims worth more at Li292 fro the sky version.

I really have felt very honoured to be asked to review the product. I’ve long been a fan and having chatted with Danny, one of the creators behind reBourne, I’m even more of a fan now. No amount of photos can really do this build justice though so I would highly recommend that you head over to FaMESHed before 27th October to check it out for yourself. After that I am sure that Boracay will be available at the mainstore so I have provided slurls to both in the credits below. I’ve also added a list of the items I added for the photos to give them a more homely feel.

Oh, and if you really do hear birdsong…it might just be from the cute Boracay singing bird house that you can find if you look closely.


*reBourne – Boracay **NEW** at FaMESHed 

Additional Decor:

~BAZAR~ Cancun – Place setting LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Cancun – Paper Lantern LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Cancun – Wine LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Cancun – Candle LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Cancun – Lantern LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Cancun – Swing Pergola LI: 15
~BAZAR~ Cancun – Centerpiece LI: 8
~BAZAR~ Cancun – Dining Table LI: 2

~BAZAR~ Morocco – Potted plant LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Morocco – Candle lamp LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Morocco – Side table LI: 2
~BAZAR~ Morocco – Sofa ADULT LI: 3
~BAZAR~ Morocco – Chandelier (gold) LI: 4
~BAZAR~ Morocco – Cactus LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Morocco – Tea set LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Morocco – Fire table LI: 4
~BAZAR~ Morocco – Carpet LI: 2
~BAZAR~ Morocco – books LI: 1

*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Decorative Books LI: 1
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Lantern (Tall) LI: 2
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Lantern (Short) LI: 2
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Credenza LI: 8
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Potted Palm LI: 5
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Coffee Table LI: 4
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Vase LI: 2
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Decorative Box LI: 1
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Pineapple LI: 1
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Side Table LI: 1
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Picure Frame LI: 1
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Screen LI: 7
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Sofa – RARE LI: 12
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Potted Snake Plant LI: 1
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Potted Hoya kerrii LI: 1
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Prints LI: 1
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Rug LI: 5

Trompe Loeil – Willow Tree Bed White {A} LI: 15
Trompe Loeil – Classic Hot Tub White + White {A} LI: 12
Trompe Loeil – Selah Rattan Chair Dark {A} LI: 7

N4RS Mauritz Deck Chair – Green LI: 5

.:revival:. shower LI: 10

Soy. Dreamy Hanging Chair LI: 5

[Tia] Harper Lovers Row Boat – Adult

Real Waves model Ocean Wave – Version 2012 R39-G

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