I See the Sea

There are many things that apparently we hand down to our children…some form their personality and some literally form their physical attributes. But, we all hand down sayings and things we learned as a child to the next generation. Little things like, when going on a day trip to the seaside, being the first one in the car to shout ‘I SEE THE SEA’.
Vista Mar is the latest release from reBourne Prefabs in Second Life. I blogged and reviewed their first release in several years in October. I was super excited to see them back in Second Life and very honoured that they approached me to blog the Boracay build.
They are back again with a bigger build featuring large, spacious indoor buildings and a wealth of outdoor areas! Decorating this beauty has really got me in a mood for an early summer!
The build and name brought relaxation to mind…somewhere to retreat to so I decorated as it a private island space resort with lots of seating, yoga mats, massage areas but spaces for relaxing activities such as reading and painting. I couldn’t get it all into all the photos so I did a very short video:
I kept the colour themes to neutrals, teals, blues and yellows…my favourite tropical hues! I am not one for small rooms and feeling confined so this build is perfect, airy and light.
One of the things I noticed immediately when I logged into Black Dragon to take the shots was the quality of the materials on the textures. I tried to show these in the next photo but didn’t do it justice and you should see these for yourself in ultra graphics…they are breathtaking…especially the floors!
This really is an extraordinary build and worth the investment…reBourne houses age well and you will use this over and over again. So here’s the detail stuff:

R E Z Z I N G O P T I O N S:

– skybox with vegetation
– ground version with vegetation
– skybox without vegetation
– ground version without vegetation
– vegetation only

read the text in the menu (above the buttons not the buttons themself ) to see what you are about to rez

B A S I C I N F O :

Prim count/Land impact:

231 ground version
234 skybox
150 vegetation
18 pier

Price: 8999L$

Size: ground 34mx32m skybox 45mx45m/64mx64m (changeable in house menu)
Rezzing options: ground version / skybox
Furnished/Unfurnished: Unfurnished

Included: house, surrounding shrubs and trees, animated pool, landing pier (rezzes with ground version only)
not included: lamps on dock pilings, further rocks and palm trees (all available to buy as extras if you require)


E X T R A I N F O :

House menu:-

-size of skybox
– wall colour changer

The house menu differs depending on whether you rez the skybox or ground version.

Special features:-

Pool with bento animations

11 singles
14 couples
2 F single play
2 M single play
7 oral
12 sex (with softer/harder options)

As you can see it’s packed full of extra features, different rezzing options and up to the minute bento animations, including adult ones.
reBourne only tend to release a few items a year because they put so much work and detail into each one so I highly recommend joining their vip group in world or subscribing at the landing point of their store to keep up to date with the goings-on.


*reBourne  Prefabs Vista Mar

[Tia] Harper Lovers Row Boat – Adult

.:revival:. beach lounger
.:revival:. fire bowl

Compulsion Plant 4
Compulsion Plant 7
Compulsion Plant 16

SAYO – Made in Marrakech Gacha – Screen – COMMON
SAYO – Made in Marrakech Gacha – Moroccan Round Chair – COMMON

*MudHoney Cooper Bath Adult
*MudHoney Pax Incense

~BAZAR~ Cancun – Place setting LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Cancun – Paper Lantern LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Cancun – Wine LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Cancun – Candle LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Cancun – Lantern LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Cancun – Swing Pergola LI: 15
~BAZAR~ Cancun – Centerpiece LI: 8
~BAZAR~ Cancun – Dining Table LI: 2
~BAZAR~Morocco-Sofa ADULT

*hive // wooden wrapped chair with pillow . pg
*hive // painted trunk end table
*hive // potted tarzan tree
*hive // rattan room divider . light
*hive // modular lounge
*hive // hailey’s hammock

*DaD “Mandarin Spa Jellyfish ceiling lamp”
*DaD “Mandarin Spa Massage table” PG v.1.0
DaD “Mandarin Spa Sensory rug” gift

Foxwood – Spa – Robe
Foxwood – Spa – Shelf

dust bunny. water garden. wall bowl

tarte. canvas on easel

*Dahlia – Yasuni – Tropical Chair – Turquoise

Kalopsia – Tropic Touch – Wallpaper Long

Cube Republic Pampas Grass

**I have credited the main items that can be seen – if you spot something that isn’t credited I am happy to pass on the info**

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