The House at the End

 Good morning and happy Friday. I feel like it should be a Friday 13th or something with this huge mainstore gacha release at DRD… Mystery Mansion 3. 

The house alone is perfect for the spooky season and is packed inside with the furniture, decor and detail you expect from the team at DRD. There are four ways to get your hands on it: 

GACHA – Gacha prizes withe exchange scripts. Trans. (furniture and decor only)

MANSION – The mansion alone. Copy in a rezzer.

FULL SET – All gacha prizes. Copy. (furniture and decor only)

COMPLETE SET – The mansion and all gacha prizes. Copy. Includes fully furnished rez option.

Mystery Mansion 3 Gacha KEY

There’s a huge number of items to play and collect for or you can just go ahead and purchase the whole set, or just the house if you want to decorate yourself with previous items. I have some interior shots coming soon but if you want to set up your perfect pad for the Halloween season head over to DRD


*DRD – MM3 – Mystery Mansion **NEW** at Mainstore!

*PANDEMONIUM [Mesh] Old Ruined Path – Straight – Light Gray

Skye Wild Grass Type 6 brown
Skye Twisted Tree

HPMD* Garden Tree07 – ygreen a

A.V. Graveyard
A.V. Fountain Octagonal Autumn
A.V. Broken Corinthian Column

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