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Good morning. So, it only really dawned on me yesterday that we had a week til Christmas. I hadn’t really thought about it but sort of had it in my head that it was a couple of weeks away. I’m pretty much on top of things in real life. I need to send something down to my Dad and my sister and her kids but my international gifts have been sent and I have everything ready at home. 

The biggest debate in our household is when to do the big grocery shop. Leaving it too late you risk not being able to get some of the items that you want. Go too early and half the stuff you buy will go out of date before you finish off the mince pies on Boxing Day! 

I have a very real fear of waking up Christmas morning and finding out my Turkey has gone ‘off’ and having nothing to cook for Christmas Dinner. It happened to a family friend when I was about 18 so ever since I had my own family and home I have bought back up poultry. This will be the first year I’m cooking for a veggie on Christmas Day too and I’ve found the perfect Nut Roast recipe by Mary Berry! At least I won’t have to make two of those! 

What I am blogging today:
I absolutely fell in love with the THOR gacha the moment I set eyes on it. It’s so seasonal and perfect. The Frosty cafe has so many gorgeous details that warm the heart and as I was already making this little outdoor nook for the Elm Christmas Movie night set it became the perfect addition. 
It may be a bit chilly outside but with hot cocoa, and the chance to snuggle up with Mr M while watching old Christmas movies, I can imagine things thawing out quite quickly.


*Elm. Christmas Movie Night [Adult] Red **NEW** at Santa Inc 
*Elm. Christmas Movie Night Projector [Red] **NEW** at Santa Inc 
*Elm. Christmas Movie Screen [Medium] **NEW** at Santa Inc 

*..::THOR::.. Pallet Stall **NEW** at Kustom9
*..::THOR::.. Frosty Cafe Sign **NEW** at Kustom9 
*..::THOR::.. Hot Chocolate Dispenser RARE **NEW** at Kustom9 
*..::THOR::.. Hot Cocoa Station Tray ULTRARARE **NEW** at Kustom9 
*..::THOR::.. Vintage Menu Label **NEW** at Kustom9 
*..::THOR::.. Old Fashioned Hot Cocoa – deco **NEW** at Kustom9 
*..::THOR::.. Old Petrol Lantern **NEW** at Kustom9 
*..::THOR::.. Yummy Chocolate **NEW** at Kustom9 
*..::THOR::.. Starry Kettle **NEW** at Kustom9 
*..::THOR::.. Spicy Chocolate **NEW** at Kustom9 

05 MADRAS Snow Fountain Decor (2 LI)
06 MADRAS Snow Piano Decor (3 LI)

Heart Winter Hawthorn Sapling

+Half-Deer+ Glittering Icicles – Long – 3* Medium

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