Personal Palace – Gallant Magazine

I’ve been a slacking blogger this month I know!!! I did get time earlier this month to produce a photograph for Gallant Magazine which has just released. I was very honoured to be asked by Divos to produce a photo for the issue and I had an idea in mind when a very well timed conversation with Suite, from reBourne happened and sealed the deal on the type of photo I wanted to produce.
You can see the latest issue of Gallant Magazine here.


*reBourne Boho Pallet Bed **NEW** at Equal 10

*Granola – Zohra Fountain **NEW** at Anthem

Scarlet Creative – St Paul

{anc} – ivy wall

*Dahlia Gokotta – Hanging Lantern
*Dahlia Gokotta – Cushion
*Dahlia Gokotta – Lantern – Open
*Dahlia Gokotta – Mimosa Glass
*Dahlia Tenerife –  Lanterns

DRD – Boho Backyard

*Fancy Decor – Palm Pillow

*Granola –  Harmony Palo Santo Holders

*hive – Tenley Couch
*hive –  Areca Palm Plant
*hive – Kentia Palm Plant

Jian – Pudgy Persians (RARE)

*Kalopsia – Arrow Curtains

MADRAS – Mihrimah Gold Frame Decor
MADRAS – Brass Food Carrier
MADRAS – Gold Flower Decor
MADRAS – Vintage Dhamu Pot
MADRAS – Monkey Chai Brass

NOMAD Antique Tiles – Green

*Nutmeg – Summer Bliss Pear Bowl
*Nutmeg – Orchard Harvest Fallen Fruits
*Nutmeg – Orchard Harvest Grapes
*Nutmeg – Brass Candlesticks

Second Spaces – Rainforest Credenza – Saffron

Soy – Shag Shag Stool


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