Salt in the Air

Summerfest is open! It’s right up there as one of my favourite events of the year. I love everything about it including the layout…even when I kept getting stuck trying to jump a fence! My excuse, for not being able to jump the fence is….I’m not a damn horse! But that’s by-the-by. There are sooooo many great new releases and I already have a wonderful decor scene set up to blog tomorrow but I wanted to get this photo done first.
As many of you will know I work as the blogger manager for Stealthic and I’ve been seeing his WIP work on this hair for weeks and wanting to get my mitts on it the whole time. He’s been working on these textures for the curls a while and there is also a resizeable unrigged bun on the top. It’s a total stunner and it matched up perfectly with the bikini I’m wearing from Cosmic Dust which is available at Summerfest. I’m wearing the Legacy version, and, even though my body is Perky and not the regular Legacy it still fits super well on the boobies! There are so many options and because it’s two-piece, you can mix and match the colours and texture choices.
Anyhoo, it’s super late and I will be back tomorrow with the decor post…so watch this space.


*Head – LeLutka – Lake

*Skin & Enhancements   – Glam Affair – Ary

*Hair – Stealthic – Embers **NEW** at Mainstore

*Hair Accessory – Tentacio – Coachella feather and Headdress **NEW** at Summerfest

Nose Piercing – Yummy Astrid Septum Ring

*Bikini – [Cosmic Dust] – Luxe Bikini **NEW** at Summerfest

Pose – Lyrium – Anastazja


*KraftWork Summer Shack . Lifeguard Chair **NEW** at Summerfest

*KraftWork Summer Shack . Shark Sign **NEW** at Summerfest

*Little Branch – Lipstick Palm v1 {Animated} **NEW** at Summerfest

One thought on “Salt in the Air

  1. /me watches this space.

    /me gets bored

    /me decides to leave.

    I, too, will be back tomorrow. =^.^=


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