SL Calendar Guys – September 2020

After delving more into the issue with photos not linking it appears I can no longer link to moderate photos, especially if your flickr feed has been forced to moderate by Flickr. 

Welcome to the September 2020 selection for the Calendar Guys group. As always there are some new faces as well as some of the seasoned regulars!

This group is almost as challenging to do at the girls one now with so many fantastic artists each month and I am loving seeing some new names in the list each month too. The variety and number of images being added by so many different amazing photographers and bloggers amazes me. The link to the group is below so please encourage your friends with male avatars to join the group and add their amazing images. The quality level has been very high so far so it’s already a challenge to choose my favourites. Here’s the group: SL Calendar Guys

And here is the selection of photos for September 2020

Been praying for… by Accueil

Been prayin for redemption, Learned my lessons - 02

Roll with it by Anais Maelle

Roll With It..

507 by Connor Reed


.100 by Apple Scruff


The world is ending by Brian Werefox

The world is ending.

It’s a mans world by LEVIN Pearl

Iᴛ´s ᴀ ᴍᴀɴ´s ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ

Crossing the Line by TheigoFire

Crossing The Line...

Time reversal… The Mad Man in Town

time reversal and last passage time of diffusions

Creators Studio… by Cruel Mind

Elegance is an attitude… by Luis Whitlock

Elegance is in the attitude.

Paranoid by Theos Dion


untitled by iozi wasp

Good vs Evil by Amari Royal

Good Vs Evil

I told my wife… by JkingTyran

“I told my wife that a husband is like a fine wine; he gets better with age. The next day, she locked me in the cellar.”

Taku by Blog IMMORTAL

"Taku" - A very special thank you to .PALETO.!

forgotten melody by Eric Storm

forgotten melody

Raul by Kaua Newey

#114 Raul

Like wildfire it starts by Trouble Dethly

Like Wildfire It Starts in My Chest

Melancholic Magician by Wolvern Vilkas

Ba Na Na by Summer Salt

Mansion of Madness by Vherok

Blinding Lights by Markel Kenzo

ʙʟɪɴᴅɪɴɢ ʟɪɢʜᴛs

untitled by Jost Asbrink


I am the master of… by Connor Mitchell

newlook by Imaginery Soup

n e w l o o k

That cat wants… by Mauro Rosenfeld

That cat wants to steal my burger

271 by The Warrior of Light

628 by Renan McKeenan

LOTD #628

King of my own ruin by Abel Streeter

King of my own ruin.

1396 by Edumetal Lavarock


Bluejeans by Casper Khan

B l u e J e a n s

I put a spell on you by Babylon

i put a spell on you

352 by Kennes Xue


Ready by Jay Varma


floatyweeds by Harland James


Fall by Gillian Easterwood


Provoked by Damien Crow


Sometimes we need… by Nirevil

Nirevil # 445 Sometimes we need fantasy to survive the reality.

Neo by LUK


Dreamer by A Salvatore


Creators Studio by Aco

Creators Studio October Challenge. / xxyy0

A Place by Caxe Riviera

A place

Shine in the dark by Luis Whitlock

Shine in the dark.

500 by Connor Reed

I used to think.. by Mictian Ahlstrom

I used to think the pain would fade, but it never does.

And I’m just a dead man… by Mr Wolf

And I'm just a dead man walking tonight 🐺🎧

9-24-2020 by Kn0ck 0ut


018 by YU

untitled by Roctopus

Cream by Alaska Whelan

Cream 🍰

untitled by Brendo Schneuta


Stealing your youth by Mark Dark

⚡ Stealing your youth.....

Some people say by Banaghar

Redux: Danger zone by Divos Titanium

Big Boys Do Cry by The Hendes

Big Boys Do Cry...

Love and Time by Sander Sunborne

Love and Time

Snake Charmer by RM

Which way is the right way by Jacquis Encargues

Which way is the right way?

The Universe by Hobbit Zenfold

The Universe...

My partner in crime by LUK

My partner in crime...

pas si simple by ARnnO PLAneR

Pas si simple

Hold me while you wait by Black

Hold Me While You Wait

We have to find a safe place… by Brian Werefox

We have to find a safe place for the night.

untitled by Pedro


Cannot slow it down…. by Hikaru Enimo

Cannot slow it down, or fight the feelings............

Wicked Game by Leo Delcon

Wicked Game

You can run… by Sora F Aurelia

~ You can run.. I don´t mind ~

Survival mode by Arte White

「 Survival Mode  」️️

537 by MEN-Datory


760 by Panda Banana

[ 📷 - 760 ]

351 by Kennes Xue


Last Stage Boss Villain by Chrollo Lucifer

'Last Stage Boss Villain'

charming in red by Hwan

Charming in red

untitled by Bruno Bueno

🔥Come on, stop is cowardice and look at the city of the past is ignorance.

Be the reason… by Mayco Sayens

Be the reason someone smile today.

Bittersuite by Roman Godde


I don’t even smoke by War Beagle

I don't even smoke

untitled by Boby de Velure


Hard Knock Life by Prophet

Hard Knock Life

Bad Day by Thom Blackburn

Bad Day

The hacker bastard by Murdock

The hacker bastard.

533 by MEN-datory


Sympathy by Hilarie Beaumont


When he looks at me like this by Elizabeth Jewell

When he looks at me like this ....

Fall by RM

◤FALL ❤ ◢

Autumn by Cesar Marcus


I know who I want by Gilli Fraser

I Know Who I Want

Dis moi oui by Dmi Malso

Cyber Fair by Blog IMMORTAL

Spotlight! CYBER FAIR by ACCESS September 3rd - 23rd - "Error Detected"

Use me by Anais Maelle

Use Me..

041 by Iwajin Ormega


I’m gonna take care… by Wes Skyther

I'm gonna take care of your body...



Poppy Power by ethan lane

Poppy Power!!

114 by Mr Showman


Thinking about something by Crann Bethadh

349 - Thinking about something

I should go now quietly by Elijah JQ

🚂 I should go now quietly.

untitled by Czar Fenris

take one last look by The Mad Man in Town

take one last look

The deeper I go… by Mark Dark

⚡ The deeper I go... the deeper I go.....

Dear God by Roman Godde

Dͩeͤaͣrͬ Goͦdͩ

Piss Wet Through by War Beagle

Piss wet through 2.0

3D Glasses Haze by Louis Nova

Where the wild roses grow by Amun

Where The Wild Roses Grow

A beautiful face can mask… by Gentle Monster

A beautiful face can mask great evil...

Skip Body & Mind by Skip Staheli


I need to let my mind rest… by Hayden Dethly

I need to let my mind rest

My Way by Banaghar

The dreamers are the saviors… by Markel Kenzo

ᴛʜᴇ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴛʜᴇ sᴀᴠɪᴏʀs ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ

Luring by B


Faith by Wayne Allan


skull by OSO


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