Lodge Time

It’s been a while! Hope you all had a good Christmas, for those that celebrate and Happy New Year to you all. Some of you will know that my new year didn’t go quite to plan. Over Christmas I took a tumble down a flight of stairs and injured my ankle quite badly. It’s not broken but I did tear a ligament that required a surgery to fix. I had the surgery a week ago yesterday and I’m pretty much on bed rest. I can’t put any weight on that foot at all for another week and being an invalid is not fun! I am terrible at asking for help in almost every facet of my life and now I find myself with little choice. I can hop around a bit but what I can do for myself is very limited.

So, my time online is limited but I did hop on to take a photo today which felt good and therapeutic. It’s very relaxing for me to be able to do something like this and transport myself to a different place than where I am holed up for the duration while my ankle heals.


*-Hisa- Winterbourne Lodge LOD@4 – Winter Edition
*-Hisa- Winter shrubbery
*-Hisa- Winter Grass with shrubbery

brocante. snowmobiles

:Fanatik Architecture: Lofoten D Winter

(Fundati) Giant Snow Cliff IV
(Fundati) Autumn Tree I (SNOW)

HPMD* Shrubs 03
HPMD* Tall Cliffs

3D Trees – LARCH 05 seasonal

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