Your Carriage Awaits

Good morning! I’m playing around with a couple of ideas regarding blogging. I’ve mentioned a few times that I get very little time to blog of late. Recently I had some time in my schedule,  previewed all the items I had to blog and started to set about setting a scene. I immediately felt calmer, relaxed and a sense of enjoyment. Then the in-world distractions and interruptions started. IM’s with issues that, because I was online, I had to deal with. 8 Hours later with just the building, 2 chairs and a table rezzed I gave up and logged out.  I was disappointed, exhausted and deflated.

So, one of the things I am considering doing is moving to doing my decor blogging on an alt. It will take a while to build up her inventory with items and until then my Kess avie can rez the items but I really think this might be the direction I need to go in.  Decorating and landscaping is my relaxation but it is becoming stressful to try and find that time to do that. I do not want to give it up. It’s my outside of RL and SL hobby but I need to be able to focus, uninterrupted to really enjoy the process….plus I will probably get a lot more done!

Anyhoo…obviously I did finally finish the shot as you can see and I’m pretty happy with it!


*22769 – Fairy Garden LI: 8 **NEW** at The Liaison Collaborative

Foxwood – Hedgehoggie – Stand LI: 3 **NEW** at Uber

*Granola. Emily Accent Chair. Blue. PG. LI 3 **NEW** at Anthem
*Granola. Emily Accent Chair. Tangerine. PG. LI3 **NEW** at Anthem

*Nutmeg. Spring Ensemble Wreath LI: 2 **NEW** at Shiny Shabby
*Nutmeg. Spring Ensemble Hook LI: 1 **NEW** at Shiny Shabby
*Nutmeg. Spring Ensemble Plant LI: 2 **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

*..::THOR::.. Boho Mug Brick LI: 2 **NEW** at Anthem
*..::THOR::.. Boho Mug Teal LI: 2 **NEW** at Anthem
*..::THOR::.. Mug with Spoons Brick LI: 2 **NEW** at Anthem
*..::THOR::.. Bohemian Crate 1 RARE LI: 10 **NEW** at Anthem
*..::THOR::.. BoHo – Ethnic Rug LI: 12 **NEW** at Anthem
*..::THOR::.. Bohemian Plant Terracotta LI: 3 **NEW** at Anthem
*..::THOR::.. Wooden Sidetable LI: 2 **NEW** at Anthem
*..::THOR::.. Samovar Teal LI: 2 **NEW** at Anthem
*..::THOR::.. Handmade Bottle 2 Aqua LI: 1 **NEW** at Anthem
*..::THOR::.. Bohemian Plant Teal LI: 2 **NEW** at Anthem
*..::THOR::.. Bohemian Lantern Brick LI: 2 **NEW** at Anthem
*..::THOR::.. Handmade Bottle 1 Blue LI: 1 **NEW** at Anthem
*..::THOR::.. Double Pouf – Warm LI: 3 **NEW** at Anthem

Sari-Sari – Hanging Pothos (Marble Queen) **NEW** at Anthem
Sari-Sari – Hanging Pothos (N’Joy) **NEW** at Anthem
Sari-Sari – Hanging Pothos (Golden) **NEW** at Anthem
Sari-Sari – Hanging Pothos with Trellis (Golden) **NEW** at Anthem

Scarlet Creative Aime Carriage

*22769 – Seeding Bowl – COMMON LI: 1
*22769– Shelf with Pots – COMMON LI: 1
*22769 – Box With Pots – COMMON LI: 1
*22769 – Watering Can – COMMON LI: 1
*22769 – Flowerpots – COMMON LI: 1
*22769 – Workbench – COMMON LI: 2
*22769 – Bags of Soil – COMMON LI: 1
*22769 – Garden Wellies – COMMON LI: 1

Apple Fall Coastal Pier Large, Semi-Destroyed LI: 8

Disorderly+Moon Amore/Daisy Dream/ Floating Daisies / WHITE LI: 12

Foxwood ~ The Artist ~ Apron LI: 1

Granola. Stella Lady Vase. Tone2. LI: 6

*..::THOR::.. Raw Shelf LI: 1

Skye Windswept Tree Type 2 No Base LI: 8

9. Ayla. Homegrown – Birdhouse Lantern (hanging) LI: 1

*HISA– Flora wildflower grass – Mixed Greens

3 thoughts on “Your Carriage Awaits

  1. I think it is a wonderful idea, Kess. You are one of the busiest women I know in SL and I cannot even imagine how you have time to blog such wonderful items and create stunning images. Good for you for taking the time to come up with an idea that may help reduces your stress level! Stunning image, love how all the colors seem to blend together in harmony!


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