If Rosemary is for the Spirit, Then Lavender is for the Soul

It’s been a short work week in the UK as it was a public holiday on Monday but even so the week seems to have flown by!

The first week of a month is always a super busy time for me in both lives…but then I love to be busy. If you are looking for something fun to do over the weekend in Second Life there is a really cool hunt going on which starts at the Seraphimsl sim, Serasim. Rock Out with your Guac Out is a hud based hunt and the great thing is you know what all the prizes are up front by checking out the page on Seraphim! 

The items I am featuring in the photo today are not from the hunt they are mostly from the bumper anniversary round of Anthem Event. Nutmeg have this perfect Sunroom set and I styled that with items from the Pitaya gacha, from the same event. The gacha can be played as normal but as a decorator and blogger it’s always better to have copy items and the good news with this set is that you can buy the Fatpack option in copy/mod versions. You will most definitely spot these stunning lavender items in future photos.


*Nutmeg. Sunroom Creamer Pitcher LI: 1 **NEW** at Anthem
*Nutmeg. Sunroom Filled Bureau LI: 5 **NEW** at Anthem
*Nutmeg. Sunroom Ottoman PG LI: 4 **NEW** at Anthem
*Nutmeg. Sunroom Armchair w/Blanket PG LI: 7 **NEW** at Anthem
*Nutmeg. Sunroom Purse LI: 1 **NEW** at Anthem
*Nutmeg. Sunroom Cup Stack LI: 1 **NEW** at Anthem
*Nutmeg. Sunroom Teapot LI: 1 **NEW** at Anthem
*Nutmeg. Sunroom Framed Art / 1 LI: 1 **NEW** at Anthem
*Nutmeg. Sunroom Clock LI: 1 **NEW** at Anthem
*Nutmeg. Sunroom Coffee Pot LI: 1 **NEW** at Anthem
*Nutmeg. Sunroom Sugar Pot LI: 1 **NEW** at Anthem
*Nutmeg. Sunroom Large Cup LI: 1 **NEW** at Anthem

Pitaya – Alfazema – basket with lavender **NEW** at Anthem
Pitaya – Alfazema – Decorative suitacases (lilac) **NEW** at Anthem
Pitaya – Alfazema – Piled Books (lilac) **NEW** at Anthem
Pitaya – Alfazema – Factory cart table (white) **NEW** at Anthem
Pitaya – Alfazema – Ornamental vases – round (laveneder) **NEW** at Anthem

*DaD “Ashton Manor” v.1.0 c/m 1

*Dahlia – Iriv – Lantern – Olive – Short LI: 3
*Dahlia – Surrey – Lavender arrangement with rings LI: 1

dust bunny. storybook living . lavender tin LI: 2

*LODE* Decor – Blossoms in Glass [lilac white] LI: 3

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