Keep Evolving

A couple of years ago I was listening to a talk at BVN by another blogger. I think the specific subject was dealing with rejection, growing as a blogger and consistent improvement. I think most bloggers and photographers are always looking for ways to improve their craft but she has some very wise words for the bloggers in the audience and, generally as a life tool. She told a story about a colleague at work who gave her some sage advice when she was feeling low about not being at the level she wanted to be at in terms of performance.

She explained that whenever you learn something new, from blogging to playing a sport etc you have to accept that you cannot be a 1 from the start. Everyone starts as a 5 with the aim of being a 1. She advised to break down how you thought about getting to where you want to be into 5 parts and accept that you will start at the bottom of 5 and your goal should be to get to the top of 5, as she put it, be the best damn 5 you can be. Once you feel you are the top of your 5 game then you can start to work on being  a 4, again accepting a bottom 4 is still an improvement on a top 5 and so on and so on.

I’m not sure anyone ever would feel like they get to be a top 1. By the very nature of this approach there is always something new to learn, or an area to improve on. I’d like to think of myself as a middle/bottom 2 with a lot to learn and a long way to go on my journey. Whenever I do start to think I have an area of expertise cracked I often realise there is a whole area of knowledge or skill that I need to work on and I bust myself back down again.

So, while we’re on the subject of evolving, the new Evolve Event opens today at noon slt. It’s an in store, hud based, hop-a-round event with a heavy bias to new, emerging and upcoming designers across the Second Life grid. Seraphim have joined forces with Love to Decorate to bring the power behind two of the biggest promotional platforms on Second Life to the event to highlight up and coming original talent.

I am featuring several of these brands in my post today. The backdrop I am using is by Oh Deer by the wonderful and talented Bambi. I’m wearing the Apple Blossom release with, might I add the exceptional item name of Crystal! In my close up I’m wearing Rainbow Sundae’s nose piercing septum and chain and glasses by Deep Static. This is just 4 of the fabulous designers in Evolve so be sure to swing by the Serasim and pick up the hud…you might find some new-to-you designers that become firm favourites!


*Head – LeLutka – EVO X  Avalon

*Skin & Additional BOM   – Glam Affair  – Caroline **NEW** at Kustom9

*Lipstick – Ladybird – Naboo Lipstick **NEW** at Anthem

*Eyes – Glam Affair – Calla Eyes

*Tattoo – Ladybird – Tavi **NEW** at Equal 10

*Hairbase – Tableau Vivant – Lelutka EVO X Hairbase 10 **NEW** at Kustom9

Hat – Cheezu – Daily Wool Beret

*Nose Piercings – Rainbow Sundae Ella Piercings Nose Chain and Septum Ring **NEW**  for Evolve Event

Necklace – BUENO – Royal Choker

*Glasses – Deep Static – Jade Shades **NEW** for Evolve Event

*Top – Apple Blossom – Crystal Top **NEW** for Evolve Event

*Pants – Apple Blossom – Crystal Pants **NEW** at Evolve Event

Jacket – MIWAS – Never Jacket

Pose – Amitie – Parisien 03


*Oh Deer! Let’s go!! Green – Evolve Exclusive **NEW** at Evolve Event

Apple Fall Fresh Magnolia Wreath **NEW** at Mainstore

..::THOR::.. Bicycle Blue + Milk Cans COMMON

junk. paris street sign.

*hive // hanging bougainvillea plant . yellow

dust bunny. hanging plants . ivy planter

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