Tropics Retreat

A couple of weeks ago Mr Smith and I ventured to Kidaka Resort for a couple of days mid-week getaway.  I highly recommend this for a casual break but even more so this time of year when everywhere else, including my own region Snowdrops, is full of snow and wintery chills. It was partly that stay and the releases by Avani and Concept that inspired this photo of the inside of the Arco House.

I love winter in SL, well this year moreso than others but I really enjoyed the virtual warmth of sunnier climes too!


01. CONCEPT} ARCO HOUSE. RARE **NEW** at The Arcade 
15. CONCEPT}  ARCO ONE CACTUS LI: 1 **NEW** at The Arcade 
11. CONCEPT} ARCO CERAMIC JAT MED LI: 5 **NEW** at The Arcade 
02. CONCEPT} ARCO SOFA ADULT A. RARE LI: 4 **NEW** at The Arcade 

* Avani Orono Collection Patsy Table Lamp, Black **NEW** at Anthem
* Avani Orono Collection Floral Drawings Horizontal **NEW** at Anthem
* Avani Orono Collection Iron Tray Table, Brown Oak **NEW** at Anthem
* Avani Orono Collection Slope Slipcovered Sofa,**NEW** at Anthem
* Avani Orono Collection Painted Side Table, Charcoal ,**NEW** at Anthem

Apple Fall Cushion – Satin Trellis, Beige LI: 1
Apple Fall Cushion – Mud-cloth, Trellis LI: 1
Apple Fall Cushion – Mud-cloth, African LI: 1
Apple Fall Wooden Tribal Jars LI: 1

*Loft & Aria – Rowan Dining Chair LI: 1
*Loft & Aria – Hedvig Wall Panel LI: 1
*Loft & Aria – Leona Hide Rug 2.0 LI: 1
*Loft & Aria– Rowan Vase III LI: 1
*Loft & Aria – Rowan Bowl I LI: 1
*Loft & Aria – Rowan Vessel LI: 1
*Loft & Aria – Rowan Dining Table (Round) LI: 1
*Loft & Aria – Rowan Pendant Light LI: 6
*Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Screen LI: 7

~BAZAR~ Ivy Books_
~BAZAR~ Ivy bowl LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Ivy Sculpture LI: 1
~BAZAR~ Potted fern LI: 7

Dust Bunny & Con . Florence Bedroom . Wall Shelf . Wood LI: 3

D-LAB Succulent plants 02 LI: 1
D-LAB Succulent plants 01 LI: 1

*Granola. Gypsy Soul Blanket Pile1. LI: 1

MADRAS Ruby Grass Pot LI: 1
05 MADRAS Apple Holder Brass (1LI) LI: 2

MudHoney Talia Pouf – Mandala LI: 2

.:revival:. sisal rug LI: 2

SAYO – Succulents & Scents Cluster LI: 6

Soy. Green Plants Wall Panel LI: 3

..::THOR::.. Raw Shelf LI: 1
..::THOR::.. Tropical Fruits Plate LI: 5

 Atelier Burgundy . Tree Panel . Wood . Light

{vespertine} hanging succulents. – mistletoe cactus LI: 5
{vespertine} hanging succulents. – sedum burrito. LI: 4

[Rezz Room] American Bully Puppy Sit


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