Winter Warmth Comes From Good Times With Friends

Christmas might be over but we’re still in the throes of winter and will be for a little while yet. I put this scene together for a little winter dome I had at home and earlier this month I had a pajama party with some close friends which ended with us sitting around the fire opening gifts from Santa and playing Chatterboxes. It was a perfect end to a fun evening with my nearest and dearest in SL.

Looking back at that evening it really made me appreciate how my life has changed for the better in the last quarter of the year. The birth of my grandchild in real life, meeting Mr Smith and the joy that has brought me by making me re-evaluate how I live my Second Life. I am now making time for myself, friends, fun things and learning to say no to things that do not bring me joy and happiness. I am not one for making new year resolutions but I intend to make sure 2022 continues in the same way that 2021 is ending.


*..::THOR::.. – Holly Drink Tray LI: 3 **NEW at Dubai Event**

Apple Fall Coastal Pier Large, Semi-Destroyed LI: 8

CHEZ MOI Patchwork Ottoman LI: 1
CHEZ MOI Floor Pillows LI: 2
CHEZ MOI Patchwork Armchair LI: 2
CHEZ MOI Santa Tray LI: 1
CHEZ MOI Cottage Accent Table LI: 1

*DaD “Crate Coffee Table light white” c/m LI: 4

HPMD* Shrub03 – b LI: 6

*..::THOR::.. – Festive Cookies Box LI: 5
*..::THOR::.. – Hot Chocolate Dispenser RARE LI: 2
*..::THOR::.. – Cookies Jar LI: 1
*..::THOR::.. – Starry Kettle LI: 1
*..::THOR::.. – Old Fashioned Hot Cocoa – deco LI: 2
*..::THOR::.. – Vintage Menu Label LI: 1
*..::THOR::.. – Hot Cocoa Sign LI: 1
*..::THOR::.. – Pallet Stall LI: 4

*Soul2Soul. Artisan Fire Pit
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Log Holder

*HISA – Winter Grass MIX 2

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