A Year in Provence

In the early late 80s there was a best selling book called a Year in Provence by Peter Mayle that was a memoir of his first year living in Provence as a Brit. It captured the imaginations of many in book form and even more when it was made into a TV series staring John Thaw.

The book cover was everywhere and is one of the iconic book jackets of the time, instantly recognisable and of the time and as soon as I unpacked the Provence house and Pergola by Soul2Soul I was inspired to recreate a vision in a similar style.


*Soul2Soul. The Provence **NEW** at Cosmopolitan
*Soul2Soul. The Provence Pergola **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

Heart – Mediterranean Cypress

Hayabusa Design – Lavender Agri Field

Apple Fall Scroll-Handle Terracotta Jug – Bleached LI: 1
Apple Fall Eden Wall Kit Example LI: 5
Apple Fall Scroll-Handle Terracotta Jug – Warm LI: 1
Apple Fall Clay Jug w/ Rope LI: 1
Apple Fall Chester Outdoor Dining Chair LI: 2
Apple Fall Chester Outdoor Dining Table LI: 3
Apple Fall Summer Parasol LI: 9
Apple Fall Hampton Outdoor Fireplace LI: 7
Apple Fall Charred Terracotta Jug LI: 1
Apple Fall Georgia Terracotta Urn – Limewashed LI: 1

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