Camden Series – The Dining Room & Kitchen

I took a little longer than planned but as many of you knew I had a rl wedding consuming my time over the last few weeks. I’ve had these photos taken for some time but doing the credits was something I kept putting off!



*reBourne Camden ground version **NEW** at Mainstore

MudHoney Roman Shade Down LI: 4

Apple Fall Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot – White LI: 2
Apple Fall Autumn Bread & Cheeseboard LI: 1
Apple Fall Pumpkin Soup in Tureen LI: 1
Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Plate w/ Egg, Avocado & Toast LI: 1
Apple Fall Swan Toast Caddy & Toast LI: 1
Apple Fall Autumn Preserves LI: 1
Apple Fall Enamel Teapot LI: 1

~BAZAR~  Aria – Dining Set

dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen

Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Stool – Fatpack LI: 1

[North Oak] + Mixing Stand (RARE) LI: 4
[North Oak] + Flour Bowl (white) LI: 1
[North Oak] + Cookie Jar Small (white) LI: 1
[North Oak] + Cookie Jar Large (white) LI: 1
[North Oak] + Cake Stand (white) LI: 3
[North Oak] + Utensil Holder (white) LI: 1

SilverSpoon – Tuscan Pomerol (Decor)
SilverSpoon – Tuscan Spices (Decor)
SilverSpoon – Stuffed Mini Pumpkins(Decor)
SilverSpoon – Seared Scallops w/ Roasted Poatoes (Decor)
SilverSpoon – Mash Potatoes Bowl (decor)
SilverSpoon – Butter Prawn (Decor)
SilverSpoon – Asparagus Dish (decor)
SilverSpoon – Cauliflower Dish (decor)
SilverSpoon – Brussel Sprout Bowl (decor)
SilverSpoon – Chocolate Seduction (Dispenser)
SilverSpoon – Stuffed Mini Pumpkins(Decor)
SilverSpoon – Vineyard (decor)
SilverSpoon – Stuffed Mini Pumpkin Plate (Decor)
SilverSpoon – Filet Mignon on a Crab Cake
SilverSpoon – Apple Bean Salad (decor)
SilverSpoon – Bowl of Stuffing (decor)
SilverSpoon – Roasted Avocado and Chicken Salad (Decor)
SilverSpoon – Bean & Bacon (decor)
SilverSpoon – W Filet Mignon with Spinach in a Wine Sauce
SilverSpoon – Ibiza Lobster Rolls

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