Every Other Freckle

Every Other Freckle

I gave myself a mini-makeover this week and after several months changed my skin and appliers. It's not a massive change, in my mind, but I've been wanting to find an applier for my Catwa head from The Skinnery that I felt worked for me for some time.  I've worn light freckles for some time [...]

Toward the Light

There is always light. There is always a silver lining we just have to open our eyes to the possibilities.  To be able to see the light I need to be open to new things, new ideas. I have to change my mindset and retrain a brain that has been moulded to fear. It's the [...]

Mainstore Monday – Overhigh…OVH

Late last week I bought an outfit at Overhigh and thought now here's a store I should feature in Mainstore Monday. So I teleported back there today and it had totally and completely changed from how it looked just a few days ago. I'm pretty sure I caught them in mid-move but I'm still going [...]

Putting on the Ritz

There is something mysterious and intriguing about dressing up and trying new styles. Most of us have a favourite 'everyday' look for our avies but it's always so much fun to try out new 'to you' stores and I love being so pleasantly surprised as I have been recently with some of those finds. For [...]

When the Night Calls Your Name

I feel so naked! You may look at the pic and think huh? There is no nakie! This is the first time in probably 6 months that I haven't worn a mesh head. IKR! I have like 8 different mesh heads...I am never meshheadless! But for all the benefits of mesh heads I realised today [...]

Mainstore Monday – Lamb & Tres Blah

Every Monday I blog a Mainstore Monday meme featuring two mainstores from around the grid. The purpose of this is to redress the balance a little between event shopping and mainstores shopping and show some examples of great mainstores, ideas, sims and places to blog and share with your friends. I love shopping events and [...]

Checkers for One Ain’t so much Fun

That said, at least I can't lose if I play games on my own. After a few rounds of Greedy last night that left me wondering if my name had been put into some Greedy blacklist of players never to win a game!!! While the weekend is still with us be sure to head over [...]