Kess Gets Dressed – Vlog!

Kess Gets Dressed – Vlog!

I watched the video about transitioning to vlogging from the Blogger & Vlogger Network talk with Cassie Middles on Saturday as I was unable to attend the full presentation.  I decided that now was the time for me to try out adding more vlogs to my blogs!! I really do believe that vlogging for SL [...]

It’s Time to Sock it To Em

Happy Friday everyone. You ever get those feelings like you're really looking forward to the weekend but you're not sure why? I have lots going on, all of which I'm excited and enthusiastic about but I'm really hyped for the weekend. Maybe it's because I am dj'g twice this weekend and after a long break [...]

Everyone is Fighting Their Own Battles – Be Kind

One of the things I love most about our Virtual World is that we come across so many different people from different walks of life. I find that SL often breaks the generalisations and prejudices that we might have had about people. I know over the 9 years I have been part of Second Life [...]

She’s a Black Magic Woman and She’s Trying to Make a Devil out of me

This is almost a part two to my earlier post there was just so much awesome stuff to tell you about that I had to share the love over 2 posts! I also had omitted to thank my friend Marc for his help in putting together the scenes in my last post so I wanted [...]