Kess Gets Dressed – Vlog!

I watched the video about transitioning to vlogging from the Blogger & Vlogger Network talk with Cassie Middles on Saturday as I was unable to attend the full presentation.  I decided that now was the time for me to try out adding more vlogs to my blogs!! I really do believe that vlogging for SL is going to really take off and now is the time to start doing more of it. So, I put together the video below. I almost didn’t post it because it’s nowhere near where near! Then I thought back to my first blog posts 3 years ago when I was blogging on blogspot and how different my posts are now. Everything about my work has improved from the quality of the photos to the layout of the blog. I made up my mind to go ahead and post it. It’s not terrible and it does what I wanted to do. I wanted the opportunity to go through the items in more detail than I could ever possibly do in text. I have lots to learn but I would encourage bloggers to have a go – it’s the only way I’m going to learn and get better is to keep trying.  I might even save my ‘blooper reel’ for Christmas!!!

Anyways here is the first vlog. I cover off my complete outfit showing the different colour options and huds and also my gorgeous new nails from Astralia with GingerFish appliers

So, I guess the video is replacing and expanding my ‘about the stuff’ section that I normally put on the blog but of course you still need all the credits!!!


Head – Lelutka – Simone 2.5 Bento

Skin – Lara Hurley and Iza Lelutka Applier

Hands – Slink – Dynamic Hands

Eyes – IKON – Triumph

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Nails – Astralia – Nails System

*Nails Applier – GingerFish – Fairy Glitter

*Hair – Wasabi Pills – Blake **NEW** at Uber

*Jeans – Lapointe & Bastchild – Dita Denim Jeans **NEW** at Uber

*Jacket – United Colors – Sindy Pearl Fur Top **NEW** at Uber

Shoes – G Field – Ashley Scalloped Mule **NEW** at Shoetopia

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