Warmth, the Word of the Season

Just loving decorating at this time of year. Anyone who has read my profile in world knows that I am a huge fan of all things Italian...the food, the wine, the people, the culture, the history...ok so maybe not such a big fan of their driving, but everything else gets a big ole tick in [...]

Friday Feels so Much Better with Good News

As many of my regular readers will know I lost my real life job quite suddenly a few weeks back. I took some time to decide what I wanted to do and what kind of work life balance I wanted to achieve and this morning attended an interview...my first interview in over 6 years. The [...]

Season Everything With Love

Season Everything With Love

It's taken a good few weeks and I've we've deliberately not rushed it but the house is coming along a treat! Nearly every room is between 80-90% 'there' and the first of those to be completed was the heart of the house...the kitchen. We set ourselves a challenge. We loved our previous house and had [...]