Turning a Corner Into a Whole New World



I’m sitting here thinking how did I ever fit everything in when I was working full time. I’ve been off work for three weeks now and seem to be more behind with things than ever before. A lot of that is because in my role at MadPea we are very close to game launch of The Collection and that has been keeping me very occupied as far as my Second Life time goes.

I’m trying to keep some balance and look for a real life job at the same time but at least my SL jobs are going very nicely. Decorating my house has taken a bit of a back burner…which turned out to be a blessing in disguise once I saw the Tuscany Loft from DAD Designs at Cosmopolitan. This felt like a home I could really live in and make my own. So, in between all the SL work I’ve been setting to with decorating this gorgeously textured and spacious loft.



I like cozy, I like clutter, I like a home to feel lived in and I think DAD have the size and division of rooms on this skybox perfectly right to achieve both a specious but cozy look. I am really looking forward to completing the decoration but for now I’ve worked on the bedroom and bathroom.



It finally gave me a great place for these ornamental glass cases from cinphul. They are so beautifully detailed and textured and available at The Gacha Garden, 10 commons and 4 rares and I’ll be adding quite a few as I get round the house.



We’re just hours away from the launch now of MadPea’s Collection game and the stress levels are high so I’m going to jump in this bath and take a long hot soak and enjoy the ambiance of my new home.

DaD DESIGN “Tuscany Loft” at Cosmopolitan

Bedroom Credits: 

Fancy Decor Vase with Branches

{anc} Bdream Sakurapot – Pink

{anc} Bdream Sakurapot – Gold

*ionic* Flower Curtain Multicolor

cinphul // Bauks [Night ] RARE @ The Gacha Garden

cinphul // Bauks [Bride ] RARE @ The Gacha Garden

cinphul // Bauks [Heart ] @ The Gacha Garden

Stockholm & Lima: Autumn’s End Cabinet

*ionic* Climbing Ivy Plant

Stockholm & Lima: Autumn’s End Bed

Apple Fall ‘iFall’ Notebook 2015

Stockholm & Lima: Strawberries and Champagne Tray

cinphul // Memaw’s Quilts

Second Spaces – 33 1/3 rpm set

Exposeur – The White Room – Dresser (FaMESHed Gift)

floorplan. Rotary Phone – Audrey

{anc} Bdream Sakurapot White

floorplan. bonjour wire

Bathroom Credits: 

Dutchie planter with lavender

Dutchie lavender

.:revival:. sisal rug

Lark – What May Come

8f8 – Primavera in Toscana Bucket of Roses

Dutchie Claw Foot Bath

8f8 – Primavera in Toscana Sifter with Roses

[DDD]  Romantic Candle Display



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