Where Did September Run Away To?


I honestly have no idea where time is going. I searched everywhere for it, under the sofa, down the back of the cushions of the armchair, in the pockets of the winter coat I got dry cleaned ready for October. I even climbed up into the attic to see if a few days of it had been shoved away in some boxes by mistake.

This month really has gone far too fast but it’s been a great month. The Auction kept me verrrrry busy for several weeks and I was in all kinds of panic about letting down my sponsors because I was blogging less so I’m hoping October eases up a bit on me.

The auction was a highlight in many ways. We raised much more than anticipated. The weekend was uplifting and exciting and I got to meet many creators, designers and well-known personalities that I had never met before. The post auction highlights were talking to the lovely lady that bid so much for me in the auction and receiving the photographs of the children having their celebratory lunch the day after.

People are already asking me when the next Celebrity Auction will take place and I gotta say I would love to do it again but it’s going to take a while to recharge…not that there is every much time to recharge at MadPea but more about that some other time.

I want to end the post today with some thoughts for a couple of very special people in my life. Both of them are going through some incredibly hard times right now. Both people are struggling with health issues either directly themselves or with the closest loved ones to them. They are both very different people and personalities but both of them love so deeply and with such humility. I hate seeing or hearing them hurting and sad. They are both people who care so much and wear their hearts on their sleeves…they are those unique types that make you feel, and sense,  everything they are feeling, good or bad, and absorb you into them. I care about them both to the point where I literally feel their pain alongside them. That’s not a complaint…that’s exactly the kind of connection I want with my friends…through rain or shine. I hope for more sunshine for both of these people over the next few days and a lifting of the darkness that has surrounded them of late.



Body – Maitreya Lara

Skin – AlterEgo – Victoria – Snow **NEW** at Totally Top Shelf from 2nd October

Eyeliner – MONS

Eyes – IKON – Ascension Eyes

Tattoo – White Widow – Divergent **NEW** at Cosmoplitan 

Hair – Little Bones – Tonic

Headdress – Astralia – Candles and Skulls RARE **NEW** at Cosmoplitan 

Corset and Panties – etchaflesh – Nocturna

Shoes – fri.day – Yara Heels **NEW** at UBER

Poses – Posesion

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