All Good Girls Really Want a Swamp…Don’t they?

sadys swamps_002

Once upon a time there was a girl with a vision. She had seen other girls playing with their beaches and forests and she wanted something to play with herself. But this girl wanted to be different. She wanted a swamp. She wanted the grit, the murkiness and dankness of a living, breathing swamp. While others bought bikini’s, hammocks and laced their sandy tropics with crabs this girl was dreaming of slithering water snakes winding their way across the swamp water. She wanted shacks instead of beach huts. She wanted bugs and flies and a buzzing of insects nesting in her swamp. That was what home would feel like for her.

sadys swamps_001

One mans junk would be her treasure. Rust, disused clutter (and possibly some ex-boyfriends or family members body parts) would fill the area and make her feel at home.  The dead would roam her swamp and live in harmony with her. Her swamp would be so comfortable that eventually people far and wide would want to visit.  Some would stay a while, some would stay for a day, some would stay forever and many would never, ever leave Sady’s Swamp.

sadys swamps_004

The Gacha Garden opens today and unKindness are one of the sponsors of the event and have this amazing Bayou set so it was super handy that I had a friend with her very own swamp to go play in!

For those that don’t know yet The Gacha Garden has a unique element with Seeds of Inspiration. Each creator, alongside their normal commons and rare items provides a special Seed of Inspiration item. You automatically ‘win’ the SoI item if you play the machine 20 times.  The SoI item for unKindness this round is a gorgeous Bayou Fishing Boat.  The set consists of various accessories and items to fill up a swamp and the rare item is a rare Swamp Shack shown in Picture 2.

sadys swamps_003

The Bayou set really works well with a couple of previous sets from unKindness too including the Waterside Market set that was featured at Wayward Halloween and the Shanty set, both of which will be available at the mainstore (probably from today as Wayward closed yesterday).

You can tp to The Gacha Garden by clicking here.

unKindness Mainstore tp is here

uK- In the Bayou Fishing Boat – Seed of Inspiration

uK- In the Bayou Crumbling Dock RARE

uK- In the Bayou Swamp Shack RARE


Cypress Trees and Stumps x 6 types

Junk Piles x 3 types

Crab Pots x 4 types

1 Common Shack

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