How Much Solitude Should One Seek in a Social Virtual Reality World?

For Silent Nights

Sometimes I want to be alone in Second Life. Now, it’s true that sometimes that is because I withdraw when things are bothering me and sometimes it’s just because I like the peace and quiet. Many of us treat SL as a bit of an escape and the things we can be trying to escape from can be many and varied. For me, just sometimes, it’s for some well needed peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of real life. I have a family of grown up children in real life, who swarm the house with noise, friends and boyfriends. There’s always calls going on using some form of social media and it’s a lovely buzz to have around a real life house…but oh my word I’d kill for some peace on occasion.

That said, is SL the right place to seek that solitude? Do my friends think I am giving them the brush off and because it’s a social platform am I just being unsociable. Is there such a thing as solitude in Second Life at all?

I like to have a few spots around my house and land where solitude, peace and relaxation are the focus and this is my latest one. Put together with items from Ariskea & Reverie @ 6th Republic, unKindness from both We ❤ Roleplay and The Liaison Collaborative.

I’m personally really glad to see The Liaison Collaborative back up and running. It had long been a firm favourite on my event calendar and I was quite disheartened to see it drop out for a few months. It’s back now though, better and more focussed than ever.


Ariskea [California Vineyard] Vineyard Hideout **NEW** at 6th Republic

Ariskea [California Vineyard] Vineyard Couch **NEW** at 6th Republic

Ariskea [California Vineyard] Vineyard Vases **NEW** at 6th Republic

{Reverie} ‘California Kicks’ – Driftwood Heart **NEW** at 6th Republic

{Reverie} ‘California Kicks’ – Lighted Log – [RARE] **NEW** at 6th Republic

unKindness – Dragonfly Garden Deco **NEW** at We ❤ Roleplay

unKindness – Garden Log Lamps **NEW** at The Liaison Collaborative

{anc} suger rose field

HPMD – Tree 08 with Lights


4 thoughts on “How Much Solitude Should One Seek in a Social Virtual Reality World?

  1. I too like my solitude in SL at times. I find it’s where I’m most creative and relaxed. In saying that I’ve been told that I’m shunning people and that I’m in a “hug box” and that it’s wrong to lock myself away when I’ve told friends that I didn’t want to hang out at that particular time.

    I think everyone has different ways of dealing with things and if SL is where you can get a few moments peace and quiet then go for it! If your friends don’t understand the need for some time alone sometimes then my thoughts are; are they really friends? Don’t true friends respect the need for space?

    Thanks for your post, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one in sl who likes alone time! I like your little spot too, it looks very relaxing indeed!

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    1. Oh I’m so glad it’s not just me either! haha I’m very lucky in that I have a few close friends that would completely understand my need for solitude. They would never make me feel like I was being rude etc…I think it’s me that puts that pressure on myself which just amps up the need for solitude. It can be a vicious circle. Thank you so much for commenting. It’s great to see others insights into the subject.

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      1. I think we all put pressure on ourselves at times! My close friends know that I’m a bit of a loner for the most part Haha. I think it’s the outer circle of friends who are more prone to thinking I’m being rude. I can’t help that I like blogging and decorating and that means I’m mostly in my skybox or on my platform! Lol


  2. I probably spend 90% of my time in SL alone. I’m usually working on things – pictures, a performance, etc. SL should be whatever it is that makes YOU happy. Do people think you’re weird for playing a video game alone?
    I am one of those people that need a lot of solitude. I love my family, but if I don’t get ‘down time’ or ‘alone time’ to recharge, I find it hard to function. We are all different people – embrace your differences. 🙂

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