Mind Your Beeswax Mother!


I titled this post as that phrase is something my youngest daughter says to me when she thinks I’m trying to nose too deep into her business. It’s difficult not to after the last few months when she’s been sick and I’ve had to be far more ‘parental’ than usual to actually back off and remember she’s an adult. So it’s a phrase I’ve heard quite a bit in jest and in all seriousness from her of late.  Placing the bee related items in this picture made me giggle thinking of her as I was talking to her in the background and I knew I was getting close to being told the same phrase again.

I played ‘The Gacha Guardians’ last week and the picture features two of the items from the ‘event’. It’s not a gacha event in the traditional sense  but more similar in type to TAG! Gacha for those of you that have played that.  It’s a HUD driven gridwide gacha so you can start at any location but you do have to visit all the locations and click on a rune at each one to tell the HUD that you have visited that location.  The rune must be touched before you can either move on or play the machine. If you play a single creators machine 10 times you receive a key, 20 times and you will receive 2 keys. After you have completed the gridwide part you can visit the end location where you can use the keys to get the ‘Gift of the Guardians’ item using the keys you won playing the machines. Each Gift of the Guardians item is shown next to the creators gacha machine so you are aware what you’re playing for and can make informed decisions.  You can collect a hud and get started at unKindness or any other participating creator location.


unKindness – Spring Shabby Cottage RARE **NEW** The Gacha Guardians

unKindness – Spring Shabby Shed **NEW** Gift of the Guardians The Gacha Guardians

unKindness – Honey Do Honey, I’m home Sign **NEW** The Project Se7en

unKindness – Honey Do Honeycomb Table **NEW** The Project Se7en

Apple Fall Apiary Bee Hive White

Apple Fall Vintage Bee Skep

Apple Fall Apiary Bee Hive Mixed

Apple Fall Honey Pot

.:revival:. wheelbarrow

{anc} suger rose field

HPMD* Garden Tree08

Skye Enchanted Forest Trees



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