Drop Dead Red


I was having a conversation with my friend Sady yesterday about blogging. Sady has recently returned to the blogging world with two blogs (that’s right she doesn’t do things by halves). The first blog is called Sady Stories where she shares some of the beautiful and often dark poetry and stories she has written over time.  Her newest foray is Sady Style a fashion blog.

Our discussion was about the time it takes to produce a post. I blog both decor and fashion and we were discussing the time it takes to put together a post from conception to hitting the publish button.  I find the total amount of time is around the same for each type of post but their are key differences to wear the most time is taken depending on whether it’s a decor post or people/fashion post.

Home Decor posts take a lot more preparation time. There’s choosing a style of picture you want to do, selecting the items to feature in the post and styling and decorating the room or space that you are going to photograph. Once I’ve decided on the angle and perspective I want to show then choosing the windlight settings takes a while too. Light and Shadow are very important in all pictures but even more so in home and decor pictures because you have to bring a still room to life, to make it ‘pop’ while staying true to the colours and tones of the items you are featuring.  The post editing of a decor picture I find easier partly because of the reasons I’ve just given about windlight selection but also because the issues with ‘people’ pictures aren’t present…I don’t have to carefully go round my hair line to check for alpha issues or clone out a tiny bit of skin showing through a mesh.

That leads nicely into the differences with an avatar post. It generally takes me a lot less time to style myself than a room. I’m not a huge accessoriser preferring to keep my outfits quite simple (and hopefully stunning). The time is mainly used up here with finding a location, a pose and a windlight. Location! Location! Location! I am so grateful for everyone that creates amazing spaces in SL and personally, if I take a picture on a sim I always look for a donation kiosk to give a little thanks back to the creators. I have literally thousands of poses, it’s an embarrassment of riches in some ways because it takes a long time to go through them to find one that works perfectly with the outfit and the shape of my avatar. Boobs! The bane of a photographers life I tell you! Hair…sticks in boobs…hands, elbows, arms, knees they all manage to find their way into your boobs in some kind of awkward way in certain poses.  Of course pose makers are now taking into consideration the mesh bodies of the users and most new poses will have factored the boobs issue in. Unless I have a specific pose in mind (which I did for the picture today thankfully) then this can actually be the longest part of the process. Lighting and Windlights takes about the same times as it does for a decor post but post editing for an avatar pic takes me a while longer than for a decor post.

Then comes writing the post…as you can see I always write something whether than be a thought, rant, personal thoughts and feelings, tips and advice, location information there is always something. After the narrative is done there is the thing bloggers hate the most but is one of the most important parts of the whole job – credits. Listing the items, linking slurls, tagging and categorising posts is time consuming and, let me tell you, not much fun. It’s a crucial part of the job and overall I love the job but I doubt there are many bloggers who will tell you that they LOVE copy pasting slurls for a living.

I enjoy both types of posts and I’m lucky that I can choose from day to day which type of post I want to do. I’m interested in hearing from other photographers and bloggers how much time they find producing posts and photos takes.  Just as an example I’ve kept a rough eye on how long this post has taken:

Styling Outfit – 20 mins

Selecting Pose – 10 mins (I pretty much had this one in mind)

Sourcing Location – 20 min (I got lucky in the destination guide and found somewhere perfect for the look I wanted )

Set Up (windlights and lighting) – 30 mins

Editing Pic – 20 minutes

Writing Post – 60 minutes

Credits and Tags – 20 mins

After I hit publish I will upload to flickr and share post in groups which will probably take approx another 30 mins


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Catwa – Jessica

Skin – The Skinnery Maitreya applier and Estee Catwa Head Applier

Eyes – IKON – Sovereign Eyes

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Hair – RunAway – Tasha **NEW** at Hairology 

Dress – United Colors – Leather Temptation Dress **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

Shoes – United Colors – Bella Platform Booties **NEW** at The Shoe Project

Pose – Lalochezia – The Beat Dies

Location – The Metroplex

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