SL Calendar Girls – May 2016

I run a small Flickr group called SL Calendar Girls and each month  I highlight my personal favourite pictures from the group in a blog post.  I’m a couple of days late with the post of my favourites from May but, as they say, better late than never!

At the end of the year I will select one picture from each month to form a ‘Calendar’ of my favourites.

Tropical Dreams by Ever After

Tropical Dreams

La veuve noire by Rose

La veuve noire

Cozy Time by Nime Daviau

Cozy time <3

L’Etre Blogger Search by Sunny Difference

L'Etre Blogger Search {Sunny Difference}

Sun is Shining by Dark Metisse

Sortie de sa chrysalide … by Lolita Paragorn

Shabby by Layka

Shady by Viola Rookswood

088. Shady

I Have All The Time by Rose

I have all the time

Bowled Over by Viola Rookswood

087.  Bowled Over

everything is changed by Trudina Fotrot

everything is changed ......

Second to the Right by Asa Vordun

:.Second To The Right.:


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