Hit The Road to Hippie Heaven


Back to rl work after a couple of days today and I’m actually looking forward to it. I don’t hate my job fortunately. If I don’t like something I move on from it but I’m lucky enough to work in the National Health Service in the UK which is the, quite rightly, the envy of many other countries. It’s founding principal that healthcare be available to all, based on clinical need and regardless of wealth or ability to pay. Yes, we do have a private healthcare sector for those that WANT to pay for swankier hospitals, bigger menu choice for inpatients and a reduced waiting time for operations. But, whether you’re a millionaire or homeless if you need emergency healthcare you can walk into a hospital and walk away again, treated, healthier with planned follow up and you won’t pay a single penny.

I’ve benefitted from this on several occasions and recently with my daughters 3 emergency admissions to hospital finally resulting in her diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease.  I can’t imagine the stress that must result from having a sick child in a country where you have to pay for healthcare. Is the NHS perfect? No. Will it ever have enough funding? Probably not. Would I want to see it changed to a means tested, ability to pay model? Hell no.

Being in Second Life is one of the things that has opened my eyes to how it is in other countries which aren’t as lucky. Where people make themselves sick with worry about getting sick.

I know several people who read my blog live in the Uk and work in the NHS. We don’t get paid as well as some private sector workers but I am sure they are as proud as I am to feel the ‘giving-back’ we do every day and for the opportunity to work with many extraordinary people from Professors to porters who make our healthcare system so special.

About the Stuff:

The pose I’m using today is called Birdy from Gingerfish poses and is designed to work with the ‘flicking the bird’ finger poses in the Belleza body but as you can see it works with other hand positions too. I’m using the Belleza and haven’t tested it with Slink hands but I can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t be just as effective.

I got my hippie on today for the post by building myself a dream hippie getaway in the sky inspired by the Poisoned Diamond Beetles from Indie Teepee. I’m featuring the floating one that you can sit on and fly around but it does also come in  sofa and bed version too for your hippie hangouts.


Body – Belleza – Freya

Head – Catwa – Jessica

Skin – The Skinnery Belleza applier and Estee Catwa Head Applier

Eyes – IKON – Sovereign Eyes

*Hair – lock & tuft – Wrapped **NEW** at Indie Teepee

Top – Addams – Meryl

Pants – Addams – Ivy Skinny Flare Pants

*Pose – Gingerfish Poses – Birdy


*(Poisoned Diamond) Beetle Balloon **NEW** at Indie Teepee

+Half-Deer+ Simple Cloud – Pink

*floorplan. wire raincloud **NEW** at Indie Teepee

*KKs Boho Life – Tent **NEW** at Indie Teepee

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