SL Calendar Girls – December 2016

Here we are in the final month of the SL Calendar Girls 2016. The flickr group has grown so much and the enthusiasm for the list has been stunning to say the least.

Every month I choose my personal favourite photos from the SL Calendar Girls Flickr group to showcase here in here in the blog. Now, all I have to do is the daunting task of choosing 12 photographs, one for each month to represent the SL Calendar Girls of 2016 which I will hope to publish later today!

Since I started this the support and amazing talent that has jumped on board has been extraordinary and I encourage everyone to check out, and join the group to see all the photos added for the month. It’s getting harder and harder every month to select just a few to show here.

These are the images that caught my eye this month:

That you´re half of the flesh and blood makes me whole I need you so….. by Coqueta Georgia

Broken Wings...

Don’t be so shy by Lou Shadow

Don't be so shy

Happy New Year by Anais Maelle

Yin and Yang by Kiana Jarman

Little Wing by Pan Aeon

Little Wing ♥

A Sigh of Relief by Trudina Foxtrot

I ran and couldn’t get away by Monstah von Schweetz

A Krampus Carol by Hara

“Beauty pleases the eyes; Sweetness chains the soul” by Any Moonwall

Winter Concert by Aye

Wιɴтer Coɴcerт ღ♥4 Cняιѕтмαѕ

Little Black Submarines by Cyrece Delicioso

Post 571 by Liah Constantine

… by Karine


Time Travelling by Stellagraphics

My christmas tree lit up like a star when I see my christmas tree can loved ones be far?…♪ ♫ by Coqueta Georgia

My christmas tree lit up like a star when I see my christmas tree can loved ones be far?...♪ ♫

feat Empyrean Forge by Kiana Jarman

Sleepless Nights by Cataleya Ewing

Falls on Me by Andrea Lockjaw

Falls On Me

I wanna be that fantasy that you’ve got on your mind by Zia

Black and Blue (Client Work) by Ric Applewhyte


❤ ❤ by Svetlana Inhen

A little bit of sugar, but lots of poison too  by Monstah von Schweetz

the chains on my mood swing just snapped by Jessika Nikita

[ the chains on my mood swing just snapped ]







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