The Beauty Battlefield


I talked over the weekend about how I would rather lose my sight than sound. It got me thinking as I was writing it about how that might work in SL. After all what most people, including myself, enjoy about SL is the ability to make our avatars a gorgeous, slim, physically attractive version of ourselves. Most of the biggest new developments in SL have immediately had an impact on improving our avatars in the first instance. When Linden Lab introduced mesh a few years ago they didn’t realise that one of the biggest changes that would come from it’s inclusion would be mesh avatars.  I think that probably says quite a lot about how little Linden Labs actually understand it’s average customer to be honest but that’s by-the-by.  They seemed to have understood the implications of Bento in terms of avatar development a little more.  So here we all are, or most of us, spending thousands of L$ on how our avatars look but beauty, especially in SL where it’s accessible to everyone, is still only pixel skin deep.  So, how do you find out who the good people are? Who are the interesting people that are worth investing the time into? More interesting to me is mulling over whether it’s because people associate themselves so closely with their avatar whether the look they decide on for their avatar somehow affects the persona they portray in SL.  Do people start to believe that they are some kind of drop-dead gorgeous, irresistible creature that men or women should be fighting over to get to know? The real life world is made up of all kinds of different people, some better than others, some more genuine or interesting or smart etc and you can’t decide which of those they are based on how they put their pixels together.

About the Stuff:

It’s the first of the month so that means a new round of Buy Now. Buy Now is an ‘event’ which takes place on the Second Life Marketplace with exclusive items released by Designers under the Buy Now banner. This round The Annex has released this camo style lingerie which includes panties and bra set in 3 different camo patterns and colours. They come in fits for Belleza Freya, Venus and Isis, Slink Hourglass and Original and Maitreya Lara (worn)


Head – Catwa – Destiny

Skin – The Skinnery Maitreya applier and Grace Head applier

Hands – Vista – Bento Prohands

Rings – Vista– Absolut Vendetta – Hydra Rings

Piercings – Swallow – Bollywood

Arm Straps and Bullet Belt – Addams – Space Warrior

Helmet – Remarkable Oblivion – Aviator Ace – Flakjacket Green

*Underwear – The Annex – Jolie Lingerie **NEW** for Buy Now

Necklace – TonkTastic – Dogtags

Boots – TonkTastic – Gumboots

Hair – Truth Hair – Gaea

*Pose – GingerFish Poses – Ciao


*unKindness – Pueblo Viejo Brkn Build **NEW** at The Epiphany

*unKindness – Pueblo Viejo Gateway  **NEW** at The Epiphany

Little Branch – Cactus



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