Lazy Weekend


I had to giggle at the name of the post which is named after the skybox and gacha I’m using for the photograph today.  Anyone that knows me knows that I have no idea how to be lazy in SL! I have a bit of a running joke going with my friend Jase, who is a self-proclaimed lazy arse when it comes to SL, and the fact that I find it almost impossible to be lazy. I literally start to get itchy hands and feet if I don’t have something to do, Luckily with this set from THOR i needn’t worry because it’s full of things to do with paint pots, books and records! I have to admit that if I was the type to take a lazy break in Second Life this would be my perfect environment with a rustic feel and a warm stove and lots of coffee supplied by one of the other featured designers, Merak. However it’s not going to be this weekend as I have a stack of jobs to do a mile high, so, I will leave you with this gorgeous view and the list of where you can get them and hop off to the next task on the list. Have a great weekend whether you’re being a ‘Jase’ or a ‘Kess’.


..::THOR::.. Lazy Weekend Skybox  **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Vintage Chesterfield Sofa **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Old Shelved Log **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Refurbished Hobby Table **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Vintage Room Heater RARE **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Grungy Varnished Stool **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Oil Lamp **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Handmade Coffeetable **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Rug **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Wood Turn Table **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Trunk **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Wood Speaker 1 & 2 **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Good Music Holder **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Old Hobby Table Lamp **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Sketchbook with Sheets **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Jar of Brushes **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Old Ottoman **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

..::THOR::.. Old Demijohn **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

[Merak] – Notepad Desk clutter

[Merak] – Recycled Desk

[Merak] – Coffee Corner

JIAN Love Pugs 2. Sleepy Treater RARE **NEW** at The Gacha Garden

JIAN Love Pugs 5. Sleepy Family **NEW** at The Gacha Garden

Serenity Style- Vintage Games Wallart RARE **NEW** at The Crossroads

Serenity Style- Vintage Games Music to Play Frame **NEW** at The Crossroads

Cheeky Pea –  Dorset Wheel Art **NEW** at Uber

Ariskea [Mellow ] Autumn Poppy Flower

Apple Fall ‘iFall’ Notebook 2015

Apple Fall Natural Apples

..::THOR::.. Dusty Wine Bottle

MADDICT – Chalkboard Sign – Wine Story – Common

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