Rainbow Sprinkle Bottom Burps

It’s Friday and a long weekend so I figured I’d have some fun with the post title…read on to find out more!

I was always told it takes less muscles to smile than frown when I was growing up. Now I’m pretty sure that’s a myth, in fact, I think I’ve heard somewhere clinical proof of the opposite, or that they both use a similar amount of muscular effort.  Either way, I think the sentiment is that it takes more energy to be mean than nice. So, why are so many people just plain mean??? I see some of the trolling and whinging and whining on SL Facebook, and, in fact in real life too on other social media, and I think to myself that these people must be mentally exhausted and completely drained by their negativity.  I really am at a complete loss to understand why? Is it a conscious thing? Do they set out to be miserable, miserly and mean every day or is it a more natural disposition.

I am going to make an assumption that they must surround themselves with people of a similar type. I know, in my friends group, that if one of us was behaving like that it would take all of about five minutes before one of us told them to wind their neck in and stop being a twat.

We all get down days. We all get days where everyone and everything seems to rattle our cages and irk us. We all have days when it’s hard to be happy shiny people farting rainbow sprinkles and showering positive fairy dust motes in our path. Normally it just takes one kind word or phrase to lift us out of it and make the day a little more positive for those around us but most importantly ourselves!!!

So…yeah, in a nutshell I’m saying don’t be a twat today, fart rainbow sprinkles instead!


Head – Lelutka – Simone 2.7 Bento

Skin – Lara Hurley and Iza Lelutka Applier

Hands – Vista Prohands

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Necklace – RealEvil – LUX Nia Necklace

Hair – Entwined. Azalea **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

*Pants – [Canimal] Cosmic **NEW** at N21

*Top – [Canimal] Luna **NEW** at N21

*Pose – Entangled Poses – Ariadne

Scene – SAYO – Biscayne Backdrops – Chromatic **NEW** at N21

8 thoughts on “Rainbow Sprinkle Bottom Burps

  1. Wonderful picture and wonderful post Kess and I couldn’t agree more, it’s something I always sit and wonder too why so many choose to be negative rather than positive, I agree it must be exhausting, shout out to all of us positive people 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Negative posts. I log in and I think does the world really want to know that? No.
    I’m not sure why people do it. If they want a “like” it won’t happen because negative is like a magnet turned over.
    But people keep shining their negatives like a beacon.
    We all have those moments but if you smile, the world smiles with you. If you frown, well ….
    Let’s not make the world miserable.
    Right on the head post Kess. ❤️

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      1. Totally. But I guess some people use it as a form of attention I think. I expect teenagers to do the whole emo thing but when it’s adults/parents I just think wow what are you teaching your children about life.


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