Blogging Applications – Do’s and Don’ts

Trust me, I know how it is. You see one of your favourite stores or events opening blogger applications and you want that assignment so bad! Applications close in a week but you gotta fill that form out right now! In the next 10 seconds….quickly.  Of course, there’s a while to go so you don’t have to but you want to! There have been times applications have closed early due to a massive response but these are rare.  This is your opportunity to get yourself in front of the store owner or blogger manager and impress them.  Having recently been involved in a ‘win a blogger spot’ contest for FaMESHed in association with the Blogger & Vlogger Network, I thought I’d share some of the frustrations I found with the applications.  I’ve often wished,  when I’ve not been successful with an application for some feedback on why but if you’re not doing some of the ‘do’s’ I’m about to share or you are doing some of the ‘don’ts’ then this might be why.

Do This Stuff:

  • Read the application. This may sound obvious but so many people don’t read it PROPERLY or comprehend what the form is asking you for.
  • Meet the Criteria. Don’t apply unless you meet the criteria. If it’s asking for 500+ views on your photos and you don’t get that don’t waste your time or the creators.
  • Answer the Questions. If an application  is asking you to say why you want to blog for the store complete it. The store owner hasn’t just added it to bulk out the form they want to know why you want to blog for them. I’ve seen blank spaces, N/A and even on one form that asked ‘What do you know about xxx brand’ answered with ‘nothing’.
  • Be clear and concise. Use full sentences and not slang or text speak. English may not be the first language of the person reading the application.
  • Have blogged an item before. If there are stores you want to apply for when they open applications make sure you have already blogged them at least once. If you haven’t done a post before, do one before you apply. Yes, astute store owners and blogger managers will see that you have only just blogged them but for most of them they will appreciate that you have.
  • Be Positive. Use positive language in your answers…no one likes a negative nelly.
  • Read the small print. I saw an application recently which requested that you indicate the mesh bodies you have. Then in small print it said ‘Do not select more than 2’. A few days later I was the creator comment that many people were ticking all that applied. If in doubt, ask. Remember that sometimes the forms are written by people whose first language isn’t English too!
  • Re-read your responses. Check and double-check and then triple check your answers are correct and that your links work.

Don’t do this stuff:

  • Lie. Your application will be checked. Don’t lie…you will be found out and probably ruin your chances for the future. Don’t over inflate the number of times you blog or the stats for your blog.
  • Give incorrect links. This is twofold. As above check that your links work and check that they are what have been asked for.  If asked for a Flickr link to a photo, as I asked for recently in the BVN contest, do not give the link to your Flickr photostream. Over 50% of applications to the recent contest for BVN/FaMESHed were disqualified for not providing a photo link. Personally, I was extremely disappointed by this.
  • Assume you know best.  I’ve seen applications that said “I think you meant to ask….” No, I didn’t. I asked what I wanted to ask.
  • Be Haphazard or Sloppy. Check your spelling and grammar. Prove you have an eye for detail. If you can’t demonstrate in your application that the details matter to you then why should the store think you will take care to show their products professionally.
  • Bitch on Facebook. Or any other social media about the requirements for a blogging assignment or about the store. EVER. This doesn’t just mean when the applications are open. Creators and blogger managers aren’t goldfish. They don’t forget that kind of thing.

None of the things I have listed here are about the quality or style of your blog or photographs. These are the things that come before even looking at your work. I see comments from managers about blogger applications not being completed correctly almost every time someone is doing an application round and I know from experience there are some amazing photographers and people with very popular, well constructed and well read blogs who don’t even get considered because their attention to detail at the very first hurdle is poor.

There are still lots of reasons why you may not be selected to blog for a brand…personal taste, photo style, the layout of your blog, the way you do credits (or not), the quality level of your photographs isn’t quite there yet, your personal styling may not fit the brand, the brand may have plans in the future that don’t fit with your current blogging style, they feel you have too many sponsors or just plain they don’t have space and you were pipped at the post by other bloggers…it happens. Please, don’t let something you can fix so easily be one of them.



Head – Lelutka – Simone 2.7 Bento

Skin – Lara Hurley and Iza Lelutka Applier

Hands – Vista Prohands

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

*Hair – Wasabi Pills – Blossom **NEW** at The Epiphany

Top – SPIRIT – Gree shirt **NEW** at Collabor88

*United Colors – Taka Pants **NEW** at Uber

Pose K & S – Katya Pose

Location – TaKe Heart

5 thoughts on “Blogging Applications – Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Useful article, Kess! Crumbs, either you’ve got the requirements or you haven’t in which case tough luck old fruit, don’t apply. Facebook is an absolute minefield and it started off so well with all good intentions. I prefer blogs.


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