Oh Honey, I Don’t Care

Have you noticed how, in both lives, as soon as someone is prepared to stick their head above the parapet, there is always someone willing to take aim and try to pull them back down again? You see it in SL a lot with anyone that tries to do anything new or innovative…everyone is suddenly a critic. It’s something I’ve observed over the last year that, unless you are completely nondescript, don’t try and achieve anything (blogging, designing, owning a club or creating any kind of content or experience), someone, somewhere, will have a negative opinion of you. 99.9% of the time those people will never have met you, interacted with you, encountered you or know the first thing about you. They just form an opinion from their own imagination. To be honest, I am completely fine with that when it comes to what people think of me. I can count on one hand the people whose opinion of me does matter…and I’d still have a couple of fingers left to stick up at the people that don’t.

So, now I’ve got that off my chest let’s talk about awesomeness in the shape of new decor!

Ariskea has a collaboration with The Den that was released at the latest round of Uber. The event theme is The Hamptons, and I mentioned a couple of days ago that being a Brit, I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this theme. Having gained more of an understanding I can completely see how this set works perfectly for it.  There’s a fresh, nautical feel to the set which comprises the beautiful canopy bed, shutter cabinet to the left in the photo and a range of beautiful decor artwork pieces and coral. The bed comes in adult and pg versions with 30 assorted animations and is a perfect centerpiece for any bedroom.

Also at Uber is another bedroom set from Cheeky Pea. The NorthHaven set comprises numerous furniture and decor items including a stylish armchair (seen in photo) and the white night tables, also pictured. The detailed decor items are stunning with beautiful candle lights, glass jars, planters and more.


*Ariskea//TheDen [Hampton] Canopy Bed **NEW** at Uber

*Ariskea//TheDen [Hampton] Shutter Cabinet **NEW** at Uber

*Ariskea//TheDen [Hampton] Starfish Wishes Pictures **NEW** at Uber

*Ariskea//TheDen [Hampton] Escargot  Pictures **NEW** at Uber

*Ariskea//TheDen [Hampton] Shell Pictures **NEW** at Uber

*Ariskea//TheDen [Hampton] Coral **NEW** at Uber

*Ariskea//TheDen [Hampton] Shelly pictures **NEW** at Uber

*Cheeky Pea – NorthHaven Chair **NEW** at Uber

*Cheeky Pea –  NorthHaven Night Table **NEW** at Uber

*Cheeky Pea –  NorthHaven Mirror **NEW** at Uber

*Cheeky Pea – NorthHaven Light Jars **NEW** at Uber

*Cheeky Pea – NorthHaven Planter **NEW** at Uber

*Cheeky Pea – NorthHaven Lamp **NEW** at Uber

*Cheeky Pea –  NorthHaven Rug **NEW** at Uber

*Cheeky Pea – NorthHaven Candle Tin **NEW** at Uber

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5 thoughts on “Oh Honey, I Don’t Care

  1. The “FaceBook culture” has criticism at its roots. Basically, this is a selfish way of existence and a really ingrained part of our society now. It has to be unlearned – we are barely civilised otherwise.

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  2. Responding to your first paragraph, yes I’ve noticed and you’ve described it very well. I’ve noticed it being even more prevalent lately, usually sparked by two kinds of circumstances. 1: The critic is unhappily not doing/creating much themselves or 2: the critic seems to have a sudden increase in insecurity, ambition or jealousy.

    Many of us are here for freedom, doing what we can with what we have, not to be peer-pressured into some outlook, agenda or standard. Thanks for writing this. .

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