Someone watching over me

This may sound from the first paragraph that it’s going to be a depressing post…it’s really not, bear with me…there is light. Two major life events happened for me in a matter of days in the first week of October, 1991. On the Monday I found out I was pregnant and on the Sunday, just 6 days later, my mother passed away. She didn’t know I was pregnant…it was too late. She wasn’t going to recover and would just die knowing she wouldn’t see her first grandchild. I’m sure you can imagine the conflicting emotions and paradoxical thoughts that were present throughout the entire pregnancy.

I remember everything about the day she was born but one thing in particular stuck in my mind. As we made our way to the hospital the stereo in the car was playing a cassette of Simply Red’s album Stars…the song I remember it playing…For Your Babies. When I think back now it’s one of the most vivid memories I have, being in labour, puffing and panting through contractions, and that song playing as if to remind me why we go through this childbirth marlarky!

Fast forward 25 years to yesterday morning when I got in the car to drive my younger daughter to hospital for the operation I mentioned to you yesterday. As I started the car the radio kicked in and it was playing the same song, Simply Red, For Your Babies. I commented on the coincidence to my daughter who mumbled something about it being her sister’s birth not hers so it wasn’t a coincidence at all. I beg to differ! See, I’ve always felt that the spirits of those we have lost find a way to show us that they are around and watching out for us. Little things that remind us, or, make us think about those loved ones and how we aren’t alone and something bigger is protecting us through the darkest of times, or conversely, cheering us on during the happy times. Whether that’s true or not, who knows, I find it comforting and it’s the way I like to think about it.

Whether it was a sign or not the surgery went well, better than expected even and with all good markers for the future. She’s tired, sore, in pain but will recover over the next few days. Thank you for all the good thoughts, positive words and love, light and messages over the last couple of days…every single one has made a difference.

About the stuff:

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